Jamboti is located in khanapur taluka, 20km away from Belgaum district of Karnataka, India. It is a Heritage of Western Ghats. The beauty of Jamboti is enhanced by the majestic Waterfalls and magnificent Hill range. Early morning before Sunrise and evening before Sunset is the best time to visit Jamboti Hills.The beautiful and Misty hills of Jamboti gives you an opportunity to witness the wonderful and mesmerizing Sunrise and Sunset. One can enjoy these scenario from the top of the hill. All the way from Belgaum to Jamboti is worth travelling and one can see greenery everywhere. It can be called as Green Heaven too.The roads which take you to Jamboti are traffic free. Drive to Jamboti on bike will be the best means to travel. It is an absolute beauty to see and enjoy the curvy roads. It is an Ideal place to enjoy the beauty of Nature. The roads passes through the lush green forests. Sometimes the wild animals pass by the roads. It gives happiness andthrill to witness it, specially for the people who lives in metropolitan cities.This place is especially meant for the people who love Nature and Greenery. Forests are spread wide across. One can witness the small water falls all along the way.  It is the best place to spend quality time away from the polluted places. In monsoon, the beauty of rain is a delight.The greenery provides peace of mind. People practice Yoga and meditate on the top of the hill and in the forest to feel the positive vibes and to get the positive energy and positivity in life. One can relax themselves in the laps of nature. Jamboti hills magnetize the visitors through its beauty. Jamboti provides recreational activities like Trekking, Hiking and Camping. To Trek in Jamboti hills, one has to obtain a written permission letter from the Forest Department. Climbing the hill is tricky but the view after reaching the top is worth climbing. From the top of the hill, visitors can see the panoramic view of the Belgaum city. One can experience the beauty of the hill perfectly while climbing the hill. Varieties of trees, plants, and flowers can be seen. Sometimes according to the seasons, visitors may find the edible fruits which can be enjoyed by them. One can visit Jamboti along with family, friends and even solo too. Along with footwear mobiles and camera are allowed. There is no restriction for mobile and camera. It is a picture perfect destination. One can take pictures and videos of the scenario. Nature photographer would find numerous scenes to capture here. The forest officers of Jamboti are very friendly, one can seek help from them if needed. Jamboti is a home of Monkeys and sloth Bears. So visitors must be cautious about their belongings.   The enchanting hills of Jamboti surrounds the Vajrapoha Falls. It is one of the most beautiful and majestic falls in Karnataka. It falls from a height of 200 ft. The falling water creates a delight spectacle for the tourists. Tourists should cross the Mahadayi river to reach the Falls. It gives very trilling experience to make up to the falls from the hills. One can witness the gorgeous drops of water in the glory of Vajrapoha Falls. The way to Vajrapoha falls gives a truly refreshing experience to the tourists. For adventure enthusiasts, trekkers and nature lovers Vajrapoha falls is a heavenly place to visit and get experienced. The water looks like ‘white poha’ and ‘white shining diamonds’ when it falls down. The power of nature can be witnessed in the strength of flowing water. The sound of water gives Goosebumps to the visitors. Crippling sounds of birds and the sound of falling water together creates a magical effect to feel and hear. The roaring flow of water has soul calming ambiance. When the rays of sun directly fall on the water, it creates a silver effect on it. One can visit the Vajrapoha falls by two routes. First, trek to top of the falls and second, trek to front of the falls. Witnessing the falling water gives feast for the eyes of tourists. The tired senses can be reinvigorated by visiting to the Vajrapoha falls. It gives an opportunity for the tourists to observe the Mother Nature closely.   Jamboti is a travel destination that no one should miss. It is covered with Evergreen Forests and that is why this place can be visited throughout the year. But visiting the hill when it wears a thin blanket of mist is just incredible. During winter this place becomes the home of Heaven.

Written By: Shilpa Gote



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