Battling The Invisible Enemy: Lockdown, Personal Narrative, Recipe And More



With more than 200 countries engulfed by the contagious virus Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, we were left with no other choice than to have lockdown to save the most important resource, ‘Humans’. Lockdown was implemented to control the number of cases and the spread of the deadly virus. The invisible enemy has resulted in a huge loss to the human race. But amidst so much gloominess, pessimism we have a ray of light too. Amidst so much uncertainty one thing is certain, that you can become a better version of yourself. You could improve yourself. And how? By working on yourself. Utilize the time of lockdown by doing things that you like, giving time to your hobbies, and working on self-grooming, practising self-care and trying new things, as I did. Here my narrative when I tried something ‘new’:

Recently, I tried my hand in ‘cooking’. It is a lockdown and we all are in our homes, so I decided to cook something for my family. Although, I am an occasional cook but yes! I like a good child, help my mother with washing and chopping vegetables and preparing the table daily. This time, I took to cooking alone. I was the sole ‘Masterchef’.

  While surfing through Youtube, I came across a video, wherein a guy was trying ‘3 ingredients recipe’ for the whole day. It instantly caught my eye and I clicked on it, he showed around 4 recipes, but I was most fascinated by this one, and it is tadaaa… “Souffle Omelette”. Very simple, basic yet delicious egg recipe from ‘Europe’. I asked my mother about it and she said yes!

   In the evening I collected all the ingredients and equipment (mixer, pan etc). The kitchen was totally under my control and I was ready for a ‘delicious blast’. I broke the 3 eggs and separated the ‘yolks’ and ‘whites’ in two bowls. I whipped the ‘egg white’ with an ‘electric mixer’. In no time it turned out as frothy and fluffy cream. The initial quantity increased a hundredfold. When it was in good shape, I turned to egg yolks. I whisked them and they were in fine, runny and sticky consistency. I added black pepper and salt as per taste and mixed it. While I was doing this, I put a pan to the flame and put butter on it that instantly began to melt.

 Now came the interesting part, wherein I poured the yolk into the creamy egg white batter. I slowly and carefully mixed the two; you have to do it slowly and carefully. Do not overdo it or less you may end up spoiling it, which we not even in our darkest nightmare want. The pan was hot, I poured the batter, and I added a little more butter to the sides. I covered it with a lid. It simmered. I could see the steam making its way through the small hole present on the lid. After about 10 minutes, I checked it, it was done. I gently put it on the plate. It was juicy, fluffy and tempting.

 I presented it before my family and their first reaction was of ‘surprise’. They tasted it and at once announced that the dish was ‘great’. I too tried it and it was nice. It was cooked well and it retained its juices. I am happy that I did something on my own. At last, all I could say is that:

{“I saved three eggs from turning into an ordinary recipe”.}


  1. Sounds awesome….nothing is better than trying new stuffs these days and in such depressive situation of world it’s going to help foodies to heal ,I’m gonna try this soon.
    Well written Sonika.Hoping to get new recipes soon

    • Yup! I agree with you, doing your favourite things can help you stay at peace, calm during this time.I am glad that you liked it and you will be trying this. Do share your experience.
      Thanks and regards.

  2. Your style is so unique compared to other folks I have
    read stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you have the opportunity,
    Guess I’ll just book mark this page.


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