Find Out The Best iOS emulators for PC


Not everyone can afford a Mac to experience iOS on a bigger screen. As everyone is used to Windows PC, iOSon PC is not that common, basically non-existent. For people who would love to use iOS for PC, there are many Emulators. These emulators can be used to help run iOS apps, even a Windows computer. However, not many know people know which emulators are proper and which are ineffective. Given below are some iOSemulators that are researched and proven to be some of the best ones out there.

  1. iPadian Emulator:

iPadian Emulator is an effortless emulator, functioning at high processes and excellent download speed. It resembles to an iPad more than iPhone and that’s why becomes a sound choice to use for your PC. It has an extensive collection of apps and many apps are compatible with the PC through the help of this emulator.

  • Smartface Emulator:

Smartface Emulator not only helps you access iPhone apps, but will also help you develop iOS apps which will be running effortlessly across the platforms. It is fully packed with features, that helps you to perform a multitude of tasks, from cost cutting to dependency elimination, as soon as is technologically possible. This is one of the recommended emulators, as it works rather good on the Windows PC, combining the features of iPad, iPod and even iPhone.

  • MobiOne Studio:

The MobiOne Studio is one of those emulators which helps you build mobile apps comfortable on iOS systems on the Windows PC. This emulator can actually do that stuff in as less time than it usually takes. One can also sync it around multiple of devices at the same time. Another feature that it provides is sharing apps – any of them –with the help of the website app link via Email as well; not every emulator offers this feature.

  • Xamarin TestFlight:

Xamarin TestFlight is another emulator with a dynamic, user-friendly interface and a knack for supporting most of the iOS apps that are out there. The installation is quite easy to carry out on your own, requiring just downloading and installation on your Windows OS. The emulator also has a beta version, accessible only with the help of iTunes Connect.

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  • RIPPLE Emulator:

RIPPLE Emulator is one of the best iOS emulators for PC, functioning on a system of chrome extension.Itis designed if testing HTML5 applications and is more than easy to use on Windows PC. It doesn’t require any extravagant steps to be carried out while setting up and no need of restarting late, making it one of the convenient and easy Emulators that are out there.

  • iPhone Simulator:

If you need to load and play iPhone games on PC, much less Windows PC, then this emulator is the soundest choice for you. The Simulator provides its users some high-quality graphics and it makes sense, as iPhone games needs such proper graphics. With iPhone Simulator, you can clone your iPhone’s UI – all of it – on your Windows PC.

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These are, as mentioned above, are tried and tested iOS emulators for your Windows PC. You will definitely love any of these, when once installed.


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