How To Find The Best Humidifiers

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Humidifiers play a significant role in safeguarding one’s health. It makes sure that you feel comfortable within the environment. It protects from the effects of dry air, especially during winter. People with disorders like asthma need to have humidifiers in their homes. That also is important to people with skin issues and irritated throats.

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Here is what you consider before you can order humidifiers.

·         Humidifier Size

The size of the humidifier you need will largely depend on the room’s scope to add moisture. There are three types of humidifiers portable, console, and the whole house. Portable humidifiers are smaller in size and have limited water tanks. Hence require one to refill water often.

Portables are expensive but can be moved from one room to another. It has similar dimensions to the water table hence can be taken anywhere. Console humidifiers are large and can sit on the floor. It is the best choice for space up to 1000 square feet.

 It has increased water capacity hence requires less frequent filling than portable. Whole house humidifiers are the best for adding moisture to ample space. It can also handle an area larger than 1000 square feet.  In this humidifier, you won’t need to refill the tank because it connects with your home’s plumbing.

·         Maintenance

Humidifiers are devices that require low maintenance. Regular maintenance includes cleaning the water tank to ensure that molds, bacteria, and mildew are not growing inside. Moisture should generally flow by providing that misting outlets are checked regularly. You should avoid using tap water to fill the humidifier.

 If you do so, tap water causes films that materialize as white dust. The white dust mixes with moisturizing mist forming part of the indoor air. It is essential to maintain your humidifier to prevent excessive growth of molds, leading to health problems.

·         Factor in Your Environment

All types of humidifiers do a great job in all living spaces. What you need to know is the climate in your home. If you are living in a colder environment, you need to use the warm mist model. They have heating elements that emit warm vapor hence raising the room temperature. You will be able to save on heating bills and thus feel more comfortable.

·         Consider room size

You should be aware of the area and volume of the room you need to install the humidifier. Manufacturers always specify the recommended sizes for their model. If a room has controlled ventilation, it equals open widows. It’s essential to purchase more units and double the room size when calculating potential square footage humidification.

·         Safety and Healthy Features

Most of the models have features that make it shut up when the water reservoir is empty. You need to be more diligent to shut it up when it runs dry if you cannot tell from the packaging. Those with a built-in hygrometer will shut up automatically when the desired air is reached. It prevents oversaturating of air which can lead to the growth of molds.


The best humidifier you choose should meet all your needs and fits your space. It should not be too small or large to do your home. A humidifier is one of the best pieces of equipment that one needs to have in one house. Ensure that you choose a humidifier that can fit your space, lifestyle and easy to maintain. Ensure that you follow all the tips on how to choose the best humidifier.   


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