Ways of fixing iPhone’s problematic touch screen


iPhones are precious little gadgets, and whoever owns it needs to know how important it is to take proper care of it. A common problem iPhoneusers face is a problematic touch screen, with many sources behind this anomaly.There are tricks that can be tried at home, before giving up and just repairing everything wrong with your iPhone, which are given below.

  1. Cleaning the screen:

iPhone Screens are one of the most delicate screens you can find on smartphones. If the screen is not working, then the first thing you should do – apart from switching the phone off and on –is cleaning the screen as properly as possible. Not like you do when you wipe it with your hands, but with perfect solution and soft cloth. Check it in bright light to wipe out all of the gunk and debris that will not be visible in normal light. And then, make sure you clean your fingers too. These steps will surely improve the touch sensibility.

  • Hard Reboot:

The next thing to do, if the problem still persists, is switching off. By that, we mean not just switching off and on, but doing a hard reboot. Hold the home button and volume down button till the screen shows the Apple Logo, for the newer iPhones, whereas hold the home button and power button together while the logo comes, in case of older phones. If the problem is just a bug or software freeze, this should work just fine.

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  • Empty the phone:

One of the best ways to make the touch screen work, emptying your phone would be a sound choice. It is common that the phone would lag, if there is no storage space available. To check this, go in settings and choose the ‘Manage Storage’ option. Delete those heavy apps, especially if there is no use of it for now; after all, you can always download the apps afterwards, when there is a need for it.

  • Update the iOS:

Problem with the software can often make your phone freeze in the middle of some important work. The reason would either be because of apps or if there is an update of the software. In this case, you have got to update your phone as soon as possible. This should make your iPhone work smoothly from then on.

  • Replacing the damaged screen:

If your iPhone is working on a damaged screen, then you can’t fix it at home; go to a store and get it repaired. If there is a crack or a jagged line, then it might be the source of your problematic touchscreen, even if you think its not the case. This would most probably solve your problem permanently.

These tricks, as many iPhone users can tell, have worked quite properly for them.If the problem persists yet again for you, even after applying these tricks, then you have no other option than to have it repaired. Till then, these useful tips will work just fine.



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