Some common iPhone problems and ways to fix it

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iPhone problems are more than usual. But while iPhone users think them to not be fixable at home, there exists some temporary fixations which you can try at home. Given below are some of the most common iPhone problems and thesolutions that will help them function the way they did when the iPhone was brand new.

  1. Overheating:

Every phone has this problem of overheating, especially if there are heavy games and apps or if the phone is old. However, overheating is a usual problem, as iPhone users would complain. People are actually afraid of touching their phones, in case they find it too hot. The phones actually display the warning of cooling down. While the obvious solution is to not use the phone this much, not many gets this in their head. Reduce the usage of heavy apps and move it to a cooler atmosphere. Don’t let it explode!

  • Charging problems:

Charging problems might persist on iPhones, even if nothing is wrong with their charging post. Phones these days have non-removable battery and therefore, it can’t easily be changed, as it was done before. Instead of taking it to a repair shop, first check it properly at home, which can help understand your charging problems. You need to thoroughly and clean your charging port, to dump out dust and debris stuck in it. Check your charging cable; if its frayed or damaged, then it needs repair.

  • Frozen Screen:

Screens usually freeze, but if your iPhone has this problem occurring quite frequently, then there are some tips and tricks and apply it to your phone. It is easy – just turn your phone on and off. If that doesn’t help, when trying to switch on,make a hard reset which can be carried out by clicking the home button and lock button right at the same time. Maybe try deleting some unnecessary apps to clear off the RAM.

  • Volume Buttons:

Volume Buttons are an integral part of iPhones and if one of them is stuck, it can make your life hellish. Some solutions act as an alternative to the sound change, such as changing the volume from the settings or even turning on Assistive mode, from Settings – Accessibility – Assistive Touch. But make sure you repair the button from the store.

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  • WiFi connection problems:

WiFi connection on iPhones is one of the common problems iPhone users face. Even if it’s a new connection oran old one, which you must have been connecting to everyday – sometimes it happens that your phone will not let WiFi connect to it. A usual solution is havingrestarted your phone and even your WiFi off and on. Another set of solutions is you can change the WiFi settings, by changing the HTTP proxy to auto settings and checking that your WiFi router is working properly. These will help to solve your WiFi connection problems. IOS simulators may be of use for sometime to self diagnose the prblems.

iPhones are the popular phones, and there are as much problems as its popularity.While these solutions might work temporarily or permanently, make sure you do fix it properly in the near future.



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