Interview of Aushima Varma (Monomousumi Monthly Essay Writing Contest Achievers)

Monomousumi Monthly Essay Writing Contest Achievers| Aushima Varma

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Mononomosumi is an ISO certified  Edutech Platform, that brings together technology to the education sector and providing requisite support to students, writers and school administrations. It is awarded with various accolades such as “Best Education & Technology Platform — India, 2020”, Best creative Website. Shiksha Bharti Award etc. and featured in various reputed media houses. Monomousumi has been successfully conducting international writing contests for several years since May 2018 with thousands of participants nationally and internationally.

Here we are introducing interview series of the winners of different writing contests organized by us.

Please introduce yourself in brief

I belong from the city of dreams aka Mumbai located in India. My roots connect to UP, near the banks of Ganga, but I was born and brought up in Mumbai, since my father has transferable job, I did move to Goa For 5 years but now I am back to the place I was born.

What are your prominent achievements?

My prominent achievements are my speaking skills, from a young age i was into public speaking and Now At the age of 14, I can confidentially Say that it has become my prominent achievement. I have spoken in many MUNs, with IIMUN giving me the most Experience

When did you participated in the monomousumi writing contest and what was your rank?

I had won the editors choice award in creative writing contest

What is your weakest point and how do you overcome it?

My weakest attribute is that I underestimate Myself, I tend to doubt myself My weak spot is that whenever I see myself in a mirror, I see a failure, and that failure scares me to bits, Its because of that the fear of losing, I stoped participating, because I felt it much easiler to stand in the podium and clap than to go down and fall down The weak spot is not completely Overcome by me but I am starting to respect myself a little bit, tying to explore my youth, participating in different Places to show my talent is helping and winning this price did make me a bit proud of myself

Who is your idol and why?

My Idol is My grandmother Manti Varma, My lifes goal is to follow her footsteps, She is my idol because she is brave, she is the bravest person I have ever met in my life, although she ain’t a Very famous Personality, but when I see her I see a Braze, smart , experienced Women, who sacrificed her life for her family. She is my idol, she teaches me that In this world No one is going to Make a path for you, it’s u who has to make a path for yourself, it’s going to be difficult, u will hurt yourself, u will feel to give up but remember the end is going to be peaceful

Which inspires you the most why you would like to emulate them?

Taylor Swift, yes, she inspires me the most , and I would love to emulate her, She is a QUEEN, she Has Put overcomed all the criticism and Become the music industry, her standing alone Ability inspires me. She stood alone, she stood still when everyone hated her, that’s the spirit I want in my life.

What keeps you motivated in your life?

Future, future keeps me motivated. It is that Juicy fruit that’s keeps me motivated, which I am still growing.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now and what is your ultimate goal?

I am 14 so after 5 years, all I want in my life is me to be in a nice colleague, getting my law degree. I Also See myself Writing more often, And Exploring other Types of writing styles to. My ultimate goal is to work for my country, I want to Make my country a better place, I am medically not fit to enter Amry as i have Glases, but that does not change my goal, I want to work for my country, as ian IAS officer

What is there in your wish list?

I have an huge Wishlist, but My most dearest is to meet Dr strange ( yes the frictional one), it’s pretty Frictional but consider that I am 14 year old, I find it right for my age

Any memory which you would like to share to the world?

My one of the most beautiful memory is that of when I had won my first medal in chess , it was small achivement, but In my box of memory that is the most happy day of my life.

What’s one thing that make you different from your peers?

My Ambition makes me different from other peer, I am not really a smart work person but I work hard, harder than other pal of mine and that what makes me achieve thing

What are your hobbies and how do you balance your profession/studies with your hobbies? 

My hobbies r writing and Speaking And it’s pretty easy for me to balance it with my studies, I am not the type of person who studies for straight 12 hours. I write when I feel, speak when I feel.

What are your writing tips for your peers? Do you have any advice for aspirants of writing contests?

Write yourself Well I wouldn’t consider myself a writer, I am also an aspirant but yes, writing yourself on paper, it will help the most.

What would you like to do your bit for the society?

I would like to make society aware about mental health issues, I want the society to feel that going to a therapist is normal, and not a waste of money. I will make this society a better place for all those Who r suffering inside and hiding it by a smile.

Do you think participating in Monomousumi contest helped you in anyway?

Yes It boosted my confidence and it inspired me to write more work

How did you come across Monomousumi and share your experience with this platform?

I came across this platform by word of mouth, my friend had participated in one of the contest and she Recommended me to do it

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