Interview of Samiksha Deshpande (Monomousumi Monthly Essay Writing Contest Achievers)

Monomousumi Monthly Essay Writing Contest Achievers| Samiksha Deshpande

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Mononomosumi is an ISO certified  Edutech Platform, that brings together technology to the education sector and providing requisite support to students, writers and school administrations. It is awarded with various accolades such as “Best Education & Technology Platform — India, 2020”, Best creative Website. Shiksha Bharti Award etc. and featured in various reputed media houses. Monomousumi has been successfully conducting international writing contests for several years since May 2018 with thousands of participants nationally and internationally.

Here we are introducing interview series of the winners of different writing contests organized by us.

Please introduce yourself in brief

I am from Pune, Maharashtra. I am currently in first year at medical school.

What are your prominent achievements?

I have been a national level speed skater. I won the second prize at the Monomousumi Creative Writing Contest in 2022.

When did you participated in the monomousumi writing contest and what was your rank?

I participated in the Quarterly Creative Writing Contest held between May to July 2022. I came second in the poetry category.

What is your weakest point and how do you overcome it?

My weakest point is that I don’t hold people accountable for treating me badly. I tend to shrug away bad behaviour directed towards me and that leads to me feeling put down a lot. I overcome it by trying to call out bad behaviour and not being scared to do so. Writing about it also helps a lot.

Who is your idol and why?

My idol is Roger Federer because of his discipline, respect for what he does as well as for the people around him, his nature and also his dedication to his passions.

Which inspires you the most why you would like to emulate them?

The person who inspires me the most is Agatha Christie. She has inspired me to start writing crime fiction and I really admire her courage and creativity. I would like to emulate her ways of writing in my own style as I feel she is the pinnacle of crime writing.

What keeps you motivated in your life?

The fact that there is always a new story to write despite the circumstances.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now and what is your ultimate goal?

Probably in a cosy room on a rainy day, writing crime with my cat cuddling on my toes. My ultimate goal is to never stop writing, no matter what lemons life throws at me.

What is there in your wish list?

A lot of things but one that comes to mind is a Lego Botanical Garden set.

Any memory which you would like to share to the world?

My best memory is a solo trip to Malaysia. I was literally left to explore Kuala Lumpur on my own and I had a blast. I let myself get lost in a new city and it was worth every calorie that I burned while walking across the Malaysian capital.

What’s one thing that make you different from your peers?

I can open doors with my feet. I am also ambidextrous.

What are your hobbies and how do you balance your profession/studies with your hobbies? 

My hobbies include writing, skating, painting and embroidery. I pursue them whenever I take a break from studies or even while listening to lectures sometimes.

What are your writing tips for your peers? Do you have any advice for aspirants of writing contests?

Keep writing and getting feedback from writers. Family and friends are not going to help with writing and if you really want to improve your writing, develop a bit of thick skin and get your work critiqued by other writers. It might seem harsh but it will do wonders for your writing. For aspirants of writing contests, just participate. Don’t be afraid.

What would you like to do your bit for the society?

I would like to help stray animals and find forever homes for them. I am a believer in adopt, don’t shop and I would like to work for te health and welfare of strays.

Do you think participating in Monomousumi contest helped you in anyway?

Yes. It has expanded my creative boundaries and kept me on my toes.

How did you come across Monomousumi and share your experience with this platform?

I came across this site on Facebook. I have had a lovely experience here.

Anything other you wish to share..

I would request the organiser of this competition to never stop organising such creative writing competitions as it is the best platform for any writer to pen down their ideas with no cost.

Your thought on “Essay

To write a good informative essay, one must do research on the topic given. The knowledge gained must be thorough and in depth of the topic. It must also include a person’s own opinions and views and must be written in an engaging way by adding humour, personal experiences, inspirational quotes etc. Plagiarism must be avoided and the work should be original. Winning an essay contest is subjective and it shouldn’t be a fear factor. Good writing is always recognised and one must keep trying as Rome wasn’t built in a day and practice is the only way to make your writing perfect. In order to improve writing, one must read. Read anything you can get your hands on because books are a treasury of knowledge and nothing fuels writing more than reading. Try different authors, different perspectives, mix and match but just drop everything and read. All in all, just keep writing, keep updating yourself and have no fear.

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