A Guide to Available Famous Apps and Gadgets in Different Fields

Source: Friend Factor
Source: Friend Factor

In Daily Life “Gadgets” occupies a grand fragment. Gadget/E-Gadget is nothing but a “Small Tool” or “Mechanical Device” which utilizes electrical power to work.  Gadget is derived from the French word “gachette” & used to perform peculiar task which makes our work simple & effective. In the absence of Gadget we can’t lead our life. At first “Joseph Henry” design the first Gadget named “Relay” in 1835. Relay is a remote switch which is controlled by electricity. Then “Edward Davy” fined the “Electric Relay” followed by him. Gadgets make our lives splendid. For instance it’s contains House hold/ Domestic Gadgets, Cuisine Gadgets, Academic Gadgets, Travel/Journey Gadgets, & Extra Gadgets.

House hold / Domestic Gadgets:

Gadgets make our home “Smart & Sweet”. These gadgets make our work not only easy & entertain but also finished in short time. It includes Alarm Clock Smart/Connected TV & Fridge etc.

  • Generally we start our day with “Alarm Clock” which one is a mechanical device & primarily used to wake up as from sleep. The first mechanical Alarm Clock was discovered by the French Inventor named “Antoine Redier” in the year 1847. At present “Alarm Clock” available in both analog & digital.
  • “Smart / Connected TV” is the latest model of a Normal Television & provided with an online network with “High Definition”. It was discovered by “Samsung” in 2008 & it is the world’s main TV manufacturer sold 57 million sets in 2019. It permits end users to approach social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube & others through Wi-Fi connections. Moreover it provides a provision to record Television programs.
  • People used “Fridge” to preserve food from spoiled for long days & keep it cools also. It was created by US inventor named “Oliver Evans” in 1805. Sometimes it is called as “Refrigerator”.

Cuisine Gadgets:

For present “Cuisine Gadgets” are economizing the person’s precious time more powerful. Some of them are as follows Coffee Maker, Blender, Electric Toaster, Electric Rice Cooker, & Electric Grill etc.

  • In these days “Coffee Maker” is the Special Gadget for coffee lover. More or less everybody loves a better hot cup of coffee at the way to start the day. In 1908 “Melitta Bentz” find the first drip Coffee Maker. The best coffee maker gadget is “Bonavita Connoisseur” in 2019. Coffee Makers are commonly used in kitchen as well as public arena.
  • A Blender is the most dominant Gadget to mingle juices & sauces. It is used to blend more than two components intermix. Initially it was created by “Stephen Poplawski” in the year 1922.
  • An “Electric Toaster” is the rudimentary necessity utensil in cooking area. Toasters rapidly & nicely toast breads. It was discovered by “Alan MacMasters” in the year 1893.
  • An “Electric Rice Cooker” is a tool which helps us to make superb rice at any time with the press of one button. It was created by “Minami”.
  • Today “Electric Grill” is the majority greeting “Cuisine Gadget”. A boxing Champion “George Foreman” designed grill in the year 1994. He sold moreover 100 million grills far and wide. Electric Grill is tiny, smoke-free, & simple to wash. Food prepared on it has extraordinary flavour & good health.

Academic Gadgets:

Education plays an imperative place in each & everyone’s life. Standard Education is most dominant in present day lives. “Smart Class or Digital Learning” is a technology which makes guide & study to a greater extent. In 2004 “EDUCOM” launched Smart Class. In the wake of establishing “Smart Class Technology” student’s engagement rate has improved by 55% on the report of Gallup Survey. It helps students to achieve better learning. In India Smart Classroom is predict to extend at a CAGR of 25% in the time of 2017-2021. It is carry out by the following Gadgets like Projectors, Laptop, Tablets, & Digital Podium etc.

  • Projector is a mainstream for technical knowledge. It is an indivisible segment for better education. “A single picture is similar to 1000 words” this one is suitable for “Projector”. It is an “Output Device” which projects picture onto any surface. We can’t visualize a presentation in the absence of projector. It is used to exhibit a presentation on a huge screen so that everyone in the hall can noticed. It is better than TV & also 3D images are clear-cut than flat screen TV. The British photographer named “Eadweard Muybridge” designed the first movie projector in the year 1879. Projector is frequently used in schools & colleges to narrate subject so that students can smartly pick up by fun. In addiction we can simply Zoom- in & out the picture to crystal clear the view & also viewing the screen from multiple dimensions. Some of the common advantages of using Projector are Better Learning, Enormous Picture Size, Easy to Install, Portability etc.
  • Laptop is the primary aid to present lessons. In 1981 “Adam Osborne” discovered the Laptop. Tutors can convey lessons using Word, Power Point, PDF, and Audio & Video Files. It is portable & thicker one. Laptops are easy & comfort to work at anywhere (schools, Universities, &Offices). It enhances interactive studying & also improves computer skills. It contains physical keyboard. Software’s available in Laptop can be upgraded (RAM). Finest of all the Laptop instruct technique gives this present day age group modern & get ready to alter coming days.
  • A Tablet is an appreciable innovation to fertilize technical skills. In the year 2000 Microsoft’s first tablet was come up. By using Tablets all persons can catchy the dynamic world. E-books are especially developed for make use of Tablets. Besides it is used to take solitary notes & permit them to modernize their skills in actual time. It has touch screens & boots creativity. Once electronic tablets have initiated into the syllabus students can approach the ever-increasing source of data by just a pair of clicks. It will grab short time to complete research. Approximately 81% of tutors expect tablets can enhance students learning. So, Tablets help students to perform better & study well in classrooms.
  • The newest innovation in education system is “Digital Podium”. It is an absolute smart teaching gadget for tutors. It permits teachers to record & save presentation in both audio & video format. It makes classes more concentrated & collective.

Travel/Journey Gadgets:

Journey along with Gadgets make our lives awesome. It includes the following Smart Phones & Smart Watch/Band etc.

  • “Mobile or Smart Phones” has come to represent one of the enlightened Gadgets in the history of human race. On the assumption if we have smart phone in our hand means it is equal to having this entire world with us. Besides it is the only portable enjoyment Gadget & used worldwide. In the beginning Martin Cooper discovered the mobile phone in the year 1973. He is called as “Father of Mobile Phone”. At that moment it is only used for communication with others. Afterwards “IBM” invented the first smart phone named “Simon Smartphone” in the year 1992. By using this we can smartly do video chat (Skype, Whatsapp) with everyone across the world. In addition we have to send & receive mails, grab photos, Record videos & additionally used distinct apps such as Online Shopping apps (Flipkart, Amazon, Bluestone), Mobile Banking apps (HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank), pay bills & transfer money by using apps (Google pay, Paytm, Paypal) etc. It also helps students to search Projects & Assignments. Furthermore it is used for better entertainment like Playing Games, Watching Movies, and Enjoy Music through Internet Connections/Wi-Fi. As well we can download e-books & book work by using Amazon Kindle. Smart Phones makes our work better at every single moment.
  • “Smart Watch/Band” is a wrist watch which is used to detect heart rate, blood pressure, & sleeping time. Additionally it is used to attend voice calls, send & receive messages or notifications, and accessed social media.

Other important Gadgets:

Furthermost it includes Extra Gadgets like GPS (Global Positioning System)

  • GPS is nothing but Global Positioning System. It is commonly used for “Navigation”. In other term it is called as NAVSTAR GPS (NAVigation Satellite Time And Ranging Global Positioning System). It was developed by “US Department of Defence”. It is used in different fields such as present-day aircraft to determine which flight path is fast & safe and too find atmospheric conditions. Moreover it is also used in riding, paragliding, Geo-Mapping, Geo-coaching. GPS tracker is not only used to track (people, disasters & locations) but also used in critical state.

In a “Digital Lifestyle” work of Gadgets has being rise every day. Every single People are entirely depending on “Technology” & does approximately all the work by utilizing the “Modern Gadgets”. So, Gadgets are the finest tool in human’s life & makes our lives better at each & every moment.

Writer: J. Vaisali, from Sivakasi, is the Winner of the International Essay Contest held in Jan-2020



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