Social Media Tool: Practices to increase your Instagram Followers

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Every day approximately 500 million people are using Instagram to promote their businesses or for themselves only by being an Instagram influencer. People are adopting Instagram influencers as their permanent job now.  Instagram has grown extremely popular over the years. Today, everything you see, whether it’s the food you are eating or the place you are eating at, your business, or where you travel, all feels like to be istagrammable.

But why your posts cant reach more people, and why are you not getting Instagram followers? Even after trying every trick, you are stuck at low numbers of followers. You might be doing the right thing but in the wrong way.

Here are some tips to get you real Instagram Followers:

1. Try telling a story with your Hashtags

Using your business or your name as a hashtag is excellent but not enough.

To get followers, try telling a story of the post you’re sharing with other hashtags. You want to inspirit a conversation about the posts you are sharing like:

 Posting about the events

 Doing the Promotions

 Organizing the contests

 Launching of the product

If you are a chips company and have an Instagram page for the promotions, using a hashtag like #GetTogetherAlready is one hell of a choice or #SnackItUp hashtags like these encourage people to use your product and use the same hashtag when they are posting about your product. You can use these hashtags every time you post on Instagram. To build up a large number of followers, use engaging and relevant hashtags to be discovered in Instagram searches.

2. Now is the time to get creative

So many people think that just posting a high-quality photo or video will do the magic. Sometimes the caption only generates so much buzz around that you become an overnight sensation. Never neglect the captions; every post you share has its backstory funny, sad, inspiring anything.
Below are a few ways for you to grow Instagram followers:

Ask a question in your caption. Put the question at the beginning of the post so that the people can see it first. Try writing personal facts about the product. Explain in the form of a story if your product helped or inspired someone in anyway. And remember, always be authentic whenever you post. Don’t tell a story or ask a question that isn’t genuine.

3. Go Local Before You Go Global

It’s very advantageous and helpful to knows what’s happening in your area. When you create an ad on Instagram or promote an event and target a specific area, you can always see what’s going on in that area by searching the place and clicking the Place tab. Search the location and look for the geotagged posts for that area. Look for the relevant and most recently tagged posts, avoiding the competing businesses; that’s obvious. Now, if you like the post, leave a comment or emoji and follow the person if you want. Maybe, you discover a genuine person, and this could be the start of authentic interaction.

For example, if you are a physical trainer, search your location, followed by “fitness.” Local fitness trainers are looking for more work, or people looking for fitness trainers. Another way is if you have a physical location where people check into, try commenting on the posts from that place. It will make people aware of your presence on Instagram and then follow those people.

4. Create a Seldomly

Gathering your followers or influencers, brand ambassadors, etc., and organizing an event is another to increase your followers. It will increase the awareness of your brand or product, also increasing your engagement with your followers. The results of putting together such an event can be multifaceted.

5. Hold an Appropriate Contest

Everybody loves contests, more when they win a prize for which they feel was worth their effort. What a contest does is that it creates lots of buzz about your brand or business; people get excited about getting involved and building loyal and enduring relationships. Contests are like incentives that you provide and are worthwhile. You can ask people to “like” the contest, leave “comments” (people love to voice their opinions, which they feel are important to you).

6. Give Your loyal followers special treatment

It is another brilliant way to increase your followers’ number, getting your loyal followers to take the lead. Ask them for their help to run your contest or event. Let them have a voice; this will make them feel that you value their participation. By doing so, you will benefit accordingly, giving your brand an emotional/human touch, increasing the reach of your brand, your reputation, traffic on your page, and the awareness of your brand.

7. Online world is different from the Real-world

If you want to be successful and achieve success on Instagram, you need to have a sense of belonging to a community. Not just being a part of the community is enough; you will also want to interact with them; following are some of the ways:

Share your background story: Sharing your story will make your social community resonate with you. If people relate to what you share, you will be forming relationships successfully with them. Which is also very critical to your success.

Also, make sure that others want to share your story: Making top-quality content is one thing, but people sharing your content is another thing entirely. If people share your content, your page’s engagement will increase and thus provide you Instagram followers.

Instagram is extremely popular and has grown immensely over the years, and it is broadening its horizons every day. It would be best if you considered leveraging Instagram to grow your business. But it’s a fact without a large number of followers; your business will become obscure. Using the proper tools, you can gain a foothold and become famous, and your business will become successful worldwide. It is essential to understand what needs to be done to boom your business to the next level.


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