Why Temporary Staffing Agency Portland?

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At Temporary Staffing Agency Portland we are the bridge between potential employers and employees looking to fill temporary vacancies. We believe in people and their ability to utilize their talents and skills to deliver. Having served for many years, we have the experience in recruitment and staffing. We guarantee finding a fitting job based on your skills and the perfect person fill a vacancy based on the position requirements.

Fast hiring

Being in the game for many years, we have grown with the American and in particular, the Portland job market. We have witnessed the market fall and rise and based on this experience, we are best placed in finding talents for organizations and jobs for potential temporary employees. In the past few years, the Portland job market has improved greatly. With this improvement, the hiring process has become long, strenuous, and time consuming. Turning to a trusted staffing partner has over the years proved to save time and money. Temporary Staffing Portland, an award winning company is trusted by thousands of employers and temporary employees. We prescreen and qualify candidates based on the values of an organization and on the requirements of the job position. By doing so, we help organizations cut the staffing process by more than 80% making hiring very efficient.

Lean operations/Flexibility

As the job market change, different companies are adopting different strategies to ensure that they remain relevant in their respective industries. One of the strategy that many companies are using is the hiring of temporary workers. Organizations are aiming at being more productive and having temporary positions greatly helps in achieving this objective. Temporary positions ensure that organizations have the right number of people every time. At Temporary Staffing Agency Portland, we help companies get the employees they need at any given time. This gives the companies the flexibility needed to achieve the set objectives at a reduced cost. Temporary employees is the way to go and many companies in Portland using this strategy have become regulars at agency.

Reduced risk

The legality and illegalities involved in hiring of employees has become a major concern for many companies not just in Portland, but in the entire nation. Many lawyers and their associates who masquerade as employees have turned this to a cash cow. As an employer, a lot is required including ensuring that the organization follows all labor laws. At the Agency, following labor laws is our forte. We assume many of the hiring liabilities helping the organization save time and a lot of money that could have incurred in lawsuits. Recognizing the benefits of liaising with a trusted staffing company, the Agency has become popular among companies looking to avoid the long legal process of staffing.

Executive search

Top leadership is a critical organ in any organization. A gamble with these positions is placing a huge cloud of uncertainty in the company. In the contemporary society where startups are mushrooming every now and then, finding top leaders has become extremely difficult. These are positions where any error has adverse consequences whose impact would take years before they are overturned. Because of the importance of having qualified, tested, and proven leaders, many organizations spend a lot of time and money to search for potential executive managers. Because they lack experience, many organizations end up getting mediocre leaders who disrupt the growth rate of the company.

In Portland, Scion Staffing is respected for its record in providing top companies with the best leaders there is in the market. Having been in the industry for a long time, we have the experience of knowing leaders with great potential who will take companies to the next level. Scion Staffing’s time-tested and innovative approach attracts top leaders who are uniquely talented an aspect that has led to the organization taking home different awards.  Because the candidates provided have been through a rigorous process which encompassed the requirements of the job position, as Scion Staffing, we guarantee employers of competitive and innovative leaders who can match the demands of the industry.

Scion Staffing is highly regarded among employees because it embeds job grading, position description, and salary benchmarking throughout the entire executive search process. This process has been rewarded through gaining clients confidence that the candidates we present to them are not only qualified but also burning with desire to push the company to the next level. In most reviews from our clients, they report that our C and B-level candidates get promoted in two to three years.


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