The Valentine Vibe

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So before you start wandering around,
Mingling with the valentine vibe,
Looking for love.

There’s the mirror on wall,
Reflecting beauty you hold inside,
Those bamby eyes and enchanting smile,
Noneless than the witchcraft of amour,
Able to melt mass of hearts,
With the gorgeous aura you possess.

For I have million reasons to remind you,
How precious you are,
To be loved, to be touched.
Hold yourselves tight and,
Kiss the mirror hard,
Being your own lover isn’t tough art.


Author Bio : Bhavesh Tyagi, is an 18 years old from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh . He currently studies in standard 12th of Dewan Public school, where he has been designated post of Student Editor . Two of his write ups have also been published in Dainik Jagran.



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