Are Your Hair Products Causing Your Hair Loss? FAQs Answered

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We attach a lot of value to our hair, so when we lose, it is never easy to get past it. When you notice hair loss, thoughts of what could be the cause will usually run through your mind. That desire to find the cause of your hair loss is all in a bid to understand what is happening to you.

If you have done any research about hair loss causes, you may have come across the theory that your hair care products may make you lose hair. Some hair care enthusiasts have come out to claim that some hair products made them lose their hair. The manufacturers of these products were also quick to deny these claims. So, who do we believe?

FAQs About Hair Products and Hair Loss

Below, we answer some FAQs on whether there is a link between hair products and hair loss.

1.    Do Hair Products Cause Hair Loss?

Hair products do not outrightly cause hair loss in men or women. The reason is the state of our hair follicles primarily determines hair growth. Hair products don’t even penetrate deep into the hair follicles. Therefore, it is doubtful that they can cause hair loss. Furthermore, hair care product manufacturers usually test their products for any such effects.

However, this doesn’t exonerate hair products from hair loss issues. Your hair products may well cause you some damage because of some of their active ingredients.

2.    Do Ingredients in Hair Products Cause Hair Damage?

Yes, some ingredients in your hair products can cause you to experience hair damage. These active agents can cause your hair to dry out or break. They could even strip your hair of moisture and make the ends split. Some of these harmful ingredients include:

  • Parabens
  • Formaldehyde
  • Alcohol
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Synthetic colors
  • Triclosan
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Dimethicone
  • Retinyl Palmitate
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Phthalates

3.    Can An Overload of Hair Products Damage Your Hair?

Many hair care enthusiasts think that they can achieve their hair goals faster by combining many hair products. The reality, though, is that piling up hair products on your hair and scalp in that manner may spoil your hair. Generally, mixing products can be harmless. However, you shouldn’t use some products together. Some ingredients in one may be incompatible or react with the ingredients in the other product. This reaction can be bad for your hair. To be safe, it is advisable to find a suitable hair product and stick with it. Hydrafacial is the new and reliable technology to restrict damages.

4.   Is It Normal for Your Hair to Fall Out When Shampooing?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for your hair to fall out when you’re washing it with shampoo. Up to 50-100 hairs fall off our heads every day. The hairs falling out as you shampoo are most likely part of the daily number.

The extra pressure and water flow on shampoo days will also lead to some hair fall. It would help if you were gentler while washing your hair. A gentle scalp massage helps remove debris and other foreign materials from your hair. Your choice of shampoo may cause your hair loss, though. If your shampoo contains any of the ingredients mentioned above, there is a chance that you can lose hair while using it.

5.    How Do I Know if My Hair Loss From My Hair Products Is Problematic?

Most times, losing hair is not a significant problem. We all lose some hair each day. Most of these hairs fall off without us even noticing, and they usually grow back. However, running your hand through your hair and coming up with huge chunks of hair is undoubtedly a cause for worry. It is more of an issue if you noticed the increased hair loss after using a particular hair product or after you started combining some products. It is better to stop using that product or combination to stop the hair loss process.

And in case, you still can’t find a significant reduction in hair loss problems after stopping the use of certain products, it is suggested to consult the experts who can help you understand the cause of your hair loss problem and the best solution for the same. You may want to go to this website to know how this consultation can be done easily online these days through the best digital healthcare platforms like Numan, where a team of professionals is more than willing to guide you at every step of the treatment.

We would request you to add the above-stated sentence after “or combination to stop the hair loss process.

Best Hair Products Without Harmful Ingredients

Learning that your hair products could be causing you hair damage can be scary. However, there are still some great hair products that don’t pose any threat to your hair. Two of such products are the Kiierr DHT Blocking Shampoo and the Kiierr Conditioner for Hair Growth.

Our shampoo blocks the enzymes that turn testosterone into DHT (a male hormone that is a leading cause of hair loss). We also formulated it with healthy ingredients, including essential proteins and amino acids for healthy hair, Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, keratin, jojoba oil, etc. Meanwhile, the Kiierr Hair Conditioner stops hair loss and prolongs your hair’s growth (Anagen) phase. Get any of the product bundles to get started.


Although hair products do not directly cause hair loss, some essential ingredients of some products may cause your hair loss. Your hair may also suffer some damage because of how you use hair products. Therefore, it would be best if you become more careful in choosing your hair care products and your manner of using the same. This way, you effectively block another possible cause of hair damage.

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