What Is The Impact of FAKE NEWS On Society?

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When someone hears the word “Fake”, either he is surprised, or he gets a varied expressions on his face, eager to know who is fake? The person, news, or any other matter. The word Fake itself brings a matter of wholesome eagerness in one’s mind to know the actual situation. And when some news is fake it ends up with a big surprise for us, not less than a floapt show, in which the sponsors had spent a lot! Hoping it to be a hit one.

                                 A Fake news is like a virus, a powerful one! which spreads within a second from one home to another and the cause for the spread of this fake news is who? we, “the social human beings” We take so pleasure to share the fake news than the normal one .Although the actual origin is not known who makes the fake news and starts spreading it but the flow is so fast that it reaches to so many people with seconds and we tend to see its effects so easily.

                              Sometimes the level of fakeness is so high that from the reach of social apps it reaches to even news channel. But from the subject matter of the news we tend to see its effects, like the news which is fake can be funny too! But if it is not funny and serious then it rises the matter to stop it. From the time whatsapp ,messenger have originated messaging and sharing news have become much easier ,within a second we can share any news. But with the same speed, the speed of fake news have risen too!

                                     One tends to get attracted with the fake news, that’s the speciality of the fake news and it forces one to share it, The effect of fake news can be seen accordingly as it is determined by various factors as the speed of sharing it, the matter concerned etc. But the effect of fake news is always a negative one either tends to spread a rumour and fear, amongst people or a bad news. If the fake news take form of a rumour like recently I received a message where in a bottle of Coca-Cola, inside of which a snake was tangled, a bit scary and that’s spreaded to prohibit the sale of Coca-Cola. Although I knew that the news is fake. But the effect was a negative one. On the other hand, if the fake news is like to lure away people to trap them and secure cash. The effect can be severe. Like a month ago, I ordered a shirt from flipkart and I received a fake news in my cell no. that I have won a brand car. I got astonished. Some told me to claim the prize, while some told me to clarify the scheme, even I received a call, to deposit a sum of Rs.30,000 to claim the prize. But after two days I received a message from the company’s website, where it was informed to ‘Be aware of  fraudlents’.

                                                 So that fake news tend to have a curious effect on me. Although now a days a ton of  fake news is being spread. The effect of these news according to me as experienced is only to spread fear, chaos amongst people. Sometimes people use fake news to create rumours and divert them, sometimes it is also used to put down someone’s image. Where Photoshop plays a major role in today’s era. A message used to put down someone’s image has a major effect where the news spread like wildfire and raises the problem of the concerned person. Like a person who creates a fake message along with the image of a person and Photoshop it along with fake information to put down his image.

                                          This type of fake news tends the people to think about him. Also the fake news has a severe effect in the form of fear if it tends to spread a rumour. Rumour can be in the form like the choco layer used in the kit kat chocolates is made of beef’s meat which prohibits people to use it and further dislike it. A fake news really affects the people and the society as a whole. we can see the fake news as a head of the Ravana along with its various heads attached to it in the form of rumours, fear, hatred, evil etc .a fake news is like a tool -a pistol or a gun used as a machine to target people and spoil the goodness of society .The makers of fake news has a certain motive either to spread chaos or conflicts, or to fool people and get money.

                            Everything in the world has a cure,whether it is a wound disease or a fake news! Yes, the fake news can be stopped or to say it in a better way , its evil effects can be stopped from effecting people. But as we see how to stop and think measures to stop it , it is not much a difficult task, but the cooperation is much needed to stop it. Although if he think there are several innovative ways to curb the fake news. Not only one, two but several one. But the real success depends on its implementation too. To begin with, one can give  an advertisement in the newspapers, magazines which can be really a good remedy .      

                                        In addition to it you can also give your concerned phone no. too in the advertisement to contact you, if the news is much severe. One if a member of social group in Whatsapp,  messenger receives a lot of fake news, can leave that group or block it. He can even talk to the members of the group and tell them not to share such news .One can even tell another “To spread happiness”, not fake news” to read it , or to share such news. While making a social group one can make sure to make it a rule of the group that no one shares any fake news and if anyone does so,   he can be told to leave the group. Generally, the social groups are formed amongst school friends, college friends, relatives, cousins, collegues etc. They can weekly meet together and can have a discussion about the news or messages they share and suggest not to share the fake news and tell other too.

                                Although the group of hackers and the persons concerned in creating the fake news is increasing now a days, but we can put up our small effects to curb it.We can make posters and try to make the posters much more innovative through our ideas .The posters can be put up in various areas like school campus, around offices and near cinemas so that maximum of people go around it and they can be aware of it. The posters can be made effective with the help of pictures to let know about how the fake news can lead to conflicts amongst people, and distress and can even put someone in trouble. It can even be told that it is our duty not to believe in such news and stop from sharing it. We must also include the message that, if someone dares to share fake news, so can’t we dare to stop such news.

Author Bio : Mayur Thapa, 21 years old student from Dehra Dun, a participant  (above 18 years old Category), of Monthly International Essay Competition , January 2019 organized by #Monomousumi


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