Explained :What is The “FAKE NEWS” ?



The term “fake news” is often used for fabricated news. This type of news has no basis in fact but they are presented as if they are factually accurate. The intent and purpose of fake news is not important as it causes bad effects on our society. Fake news is also divided on many categories such as satire, false connection, misleading content, false context, imposter content, manipulated content and fabricated content. The term “fake news” gained its importance with the electoral context in Western Europe and North America. Fake news is determined by fraudulent content in news format and velocity. Fake news is often spread through the use of fake news websites which spread fake news to gain credibility and attention. It is important to know that only one fake news can make many adverse effects in our society, in international relations, etc. It can also create many adverse effects during elections in many countries of the world.

              In the 21st century, the impact of fake news has widespread along with the usage the term. With the opening of the internet to the people in 90s it helped the people to access to information’s which can be accessed earlier but today internet has reached unimaginable heights with lots of extra information which include unwanted, untruthful and misleading information’s. With the increase of social media it has become easier to spread fake news in only one click as quickly as possible. According to stats, fake news has negatively impacted U.S. politics with 64% saying that fake news has caused a great deal of confusion about the basic facts of current events. In India, where there are millions of citizens using social media platforms like whatsapp there are also high chances that fake news can effect voting pattern during the elections and cause violence among the people. In this era of mankind people believe in whatsapp hoaxes rather than many other important things such as early rising and other activities which are very much useful for humans. If fake news is spread out for a political agenda, it has great impacts on the religious harmony of a nation. Fake news can lead to communal violence causing loss of many innocent lives. There are many incidents of communal violence which started just because of fake news. In United States of America fake news generated considerable controversy and argument, in 2010, resulting as a moral panic or mass hysteria. Fake news is becoming popular only because of character of creating problem.

                    We should try to stop spreading of fake news and try to stay away sources which spread fake news and know how to identify them. Internet companies which have threatened credibility tend to develop new responses to limit fake news and reduce financial incentives for its proliferations. These responses cannot be enough to be safe from fake news. We should try to know the full news before spreading it to others. We should verify the news by contacting the source from where we received the news or use some verified websites for the verification of the news such as Snopes.com to know that the news is real or not, investing a little time in verifying it can solve many big problems. On facebook we can flag the news which seems to be false, so that it can be checked by the IFCN (International Fact Checking Network) whether the news is real or not. And the last but not the least is reading published news such as newspaper and articles, even it would become late to get some news but it would have 95% true and checked news by the reporters and it will increase our newspaper reading habit and keep as away from facebook, whatsapp and various other sources which give us fake news. While fake news is a problem for every country across the globe but we should we come forward and stop the spreading of fake news and its motives.

Author BioADITYA SINGH, from Karimganj. Secure Third Position (below 18 years category) in Monthly International Essay Competition organized by #Monomousumi



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