20 Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Life

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Life is single visit to earth. It is a journey from birth to death.  A baby ,after its birth ,grows very slowly in height and weight ,with  special care  and pampering of its parents ,grandparents and family. Thereafter it steps out of its bed to explore its surrounding world ,entertains itself, perceives material things around it , recognised his family ,goes to playschool, starts making friends ,completes his childhood , goes to his adolescence, then to adult and lastly comes the most undesirable  phase of life ,i.e, old age , ultimately starts the countdown of every life. So to enjoy every single moment of life and to live it happily and peacefully, sound health is very important. Thus the ways to live our life healthy are as follows-

1) HEALTHY FOOD- Without food, no one can live longer. We work and earn only for food, the most basic need of life .So the food which we will intake must be the healthiest. Our body needs variety of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat, protein) and micronutrients(vitamins and minerals) in adequate and appropriate quantity to fill us with energy and vigour and most importantly to keep us healthy.

2) LESS SPICE-India is very popular for spicy, oily and tasty food all around the world. Different regions of our country have uniqueness in cooking with special mix of spices. But spicy food effects health very badly .It should be taken within a limit.

3)FRUITS-Fruits like apple, orange, banana, grapes, dates, dry fruits etc. play a key role in maintaining balance of micronutrients like calcium ,iron ,vitamins(A,B,C,E,K),minerals in our body. They prevents us from numerous diseases , builds immunity, increases our stamina ;thus fruits or its juices must be included in our daily diet to KEEP DOCTOR AWAY from our door.

4) VEGGIES-   Our meals would remain incomplete without proportionate amount of vegetables in our plates. Potato, tomato, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, brinjal, green leafy vegetables, onion , garlic and a lot more but potato contains a lot of carbohydrates and it increases glucose level of any diabetic patient ,they are restricted to eat potato much . It would better if also normal people avoid potato as we all know prevention is better than cure

5) WATER-Earth is filled up of 70%water.Life cannot exist without water. We drink ,cook with it, so Drinking water must pure and safe  .It must be purified by using purifier or by boiling which can kill disease causing germs and bacteria  and can shield us from water bourne diseases. For proper metabolism, one should DRINK 3-4 LITRES OF WATER

6) PROPER DIET CHART-It can be prepared by self or by the help of doctor. So far as my knowledge, every developed countries make its people follow healthy diet chart  from their childhood. Our nation is a developing one. Its high time that common people must be fit and fine to increase manpower of the nation . Proper diet consisting of appropriate amount of cereals, pulse, fish ,egg, milk ,juices, must be followed to be free from obesity or malnutrition problems.

7) JUNK FOOD-Just SAY NO to it. The vendors selling the foodstuffs like pakoras, chowmin ,cutlet, rolls and also pizzas, chips, burger etc should be strictly avoided to keep oneself healthy.

8) NO SMOKING NO DRUGS-Smoking cigars, taking drugs either by inhaling or injecting, drinking  alcohols have been a  fashion nowadays among young boys and girls both. Though these are trendy  among elite classes but these affect organs like lungs ,kidneys, may also cause mouth cancer or lung cancer or kidney failure ,resulting to a devastating future.

9) SLEEPING HOURS-Good sleep renovates health. The  minimum sleeping hours for children is 7-8 hours and for adult ,it is 5-6 hours .Proper sleep enhances outer  and inner  beauty and relaxes brain .It relieves one from tension ,stress and anxiety. Sound sleep rejuvenates and activates a person to work to his fullest and helps in achieving the best.

10) SELF HYGIENE-A quite concerning issue, which  people generally ignore  is the maintenance of self hygiene. One should nurture good habits like cleanliness of hands and face, each time he returns from outside .Everyday bath is must. Oral hygiene is also very important. Nails should be kept short. Otherwise a person will frequently fall ill ,which will disturb his daily activities.

11) ROUTINED CHECKUP-Human body is  like a machine ,which voluntarily functions day and night .It might happen that some part starts  malfunctioning or if some bacteria or fungi does hidden attack and multiply itself, of which we may be  unaware of ,  may cost us heavily ,if we do not  take care of it immediately. So it is necessary to go through medical  checkup in a routined interval.

12) EXERCISE-Every individual requires to perform exercise, yoga ,running or attend gym  every  morning or evening  for  perfect fitness. Practicing any kind of

martial arts is also a good option. Last year “FIT INDIA “campaign has also been started by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi .

13) GO GREEN-If we love to breathe , then we have to save trees. There are immense uses of trees.They remove carbondioxide, reduce erosion, prevents flooding ,add oxygen, cool our houses, provides medicine and fruits etc. .They are lungs of earth. So PLANT FOR THE PLANET.

14) KEEP CLEAN- We all remember SWACH BHARAT. It is not enough to clean only our houses but also we have to keep clean our surroundings, every places we go from morning to evening ,may be bus stop, station , market place, office. We should not  throw garbage here and there . DUST MUST GO TO PROPER BIN. Separate bins must be used Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable wastes ,which will help in gound disposal and recycling.

15) PHYSICAL ACTIVITY-LAZY BRAIN IS HOUSE OF ALL EVILS. We need to be active enough to perform some labours activities daily for ourselves & to lend helping hands to others .We must NOT only SIT, EAT &SLEEP.

16) STAY HAPPY-Personally I feel, gloomy mind acts as  poison to  health. Not a single one in the world is there without  possessing any problem . So be calm ,hold patience, stand up with your head high , back erect ,bold eyes ,smiling lips ,fix your own problems and rock the hardest situation  fearlessly and  spread happiness all over in air.

17) POSITIVITY OF MIND-My father used to say,” mind is most beautiful pure delicate place  ,as pure as a blooming flower. Just do not  allow any dirt, impurity or negativity to enter it.”Everyone should culture simplicity, honesty, benevolence, humbleness, helping  attitude, punctuality& jealouslessness. Thus the key to stay healthy is “STAY STRONG,WORRY LESS,MAINTAIN PEACE OF MIND.”

18) POLLUTION FREE ENVIRONMENT-Pollution is a burning issue. Air pollution ,water pollution, land pollution ,noise pollution  all have been headache of everyday life .These causes severe health disorders ,like heart diseases, lungs problems, skin infections .So if we love and care ourselves , we have to love and save earth and preserve it because we have nowhere to go .3 R’s REDUCE, RECYCLE,REUSE  must be followed to protect our most precious environment and for sustainable development and healthy living.

19)LESSEN GREED-Todays world is a strong base of tough competition. Each and every individual targets to make more and more money. People are having sleepless nights and thinking over and again, working beyond their comfort zone to become financially strong. Political  personel  making plans how to defeat their opponents, causing social unrest, sometimes making crimes without caring for its consequences. Even the billionaire desire more property, in turn they forget to realise and enjoy what they already possess, thus lead to unsatisfied life. Subsequently their stress deteriorates their health. DONOT BE GREEDY ; BE HAPPY with what you have.

20) PRAYER-God is omnipresent; as everybody says and I also believes. Even doctors believes  in god. I interpreted god as an unseen supernatural positive power which work for good, revitalise & energise the needy ones and only prayer can set a connection between us and this extraordinary power.



Author Bio : Jaysree Kundu, HILI, West Bengal,A participant of International Essay Competition,February.


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