Education is the best wealth among all. No one can steel it, no one can snatch it. It can’t be divided among brothers and it’s not heavy to carry. As one consumes or spends it increases; as one shares it expands.

               This is a popular saying as we know all but as education word flashes to our mind it simply mean studying to those heavy books. Is education word closes inside the books? No, not at all, but we thought so due to the defect in our education system.

In India, education system contains three components: general education, vocational and technical. But the main preference is given to only general education by the society. Vocational and technical educations are considered as optional or less important.

Even also in general education, people are running only to secure high grades not of high level knowledge. Because our rapidly moving information based society badly not needs people who knew how to find facts rather than to memorize them.

               Our education system promotes Rat Race among our children. They have to read and mug-up entire text book without any understanding of it. So a student who scores 96 out of 100 and comes first actually remains a rat. It means he or she does not have any analytical skills that a child must have.

            We should learn something from Finland which is known for its best education system because its government spends $43.1 billion means almost 17% of their country’s GDP. In their schools, they have smart teachings methods. The teachers in Finland have to rotate school every 5 years which helps students to get new staff and new teachers which creates equal opportunities for them to teach in both good and bad schools. Students have a great respect for teachers. They are deeply admired and respected by the society.  While in other countries teaching high standard kids and college students is a complicated and challenging task. People feel very shameful while telling others they are teachers. For them teaching is the last option while a time pass job for some. No proper mode of selection of teachers in different places. While in Finland only talented and eligible person are able to get this job and for which they have to qualify many tests.

Cleaning classrooms and school are normal for Finland kids even having janitors which help them to live in healthy and safe environment. They are been provided by the nutritious lunch in the school. They spend their very few hours in school which helps them to focus on self study as well as helps them to invest their time on vocational subjects and their interests. They believe on slogan “no children leave behind”. Teachers focus on each and every child equally They have their lively and active classrooms.

Education in rest part of the world is just a business for many institutes. Everyone has equal rights on education but are all of us getting this right? No, there are number of children who want to study but due to financial problems they are unable to get which forces them to do crime like robbery, theft and so on. Most of the poor families send their child to government schools so that their child can eat one time meal and some basic education and hence for which purpose midday meal has been started. But unfortunately, now corruption is on alarming rate. No nutritious food and no facilities those innocent kids get. This is all because our government spends only few percent of our GDP on education.

Education is the backbone of every country.

If every country starts to focus on their education system then ultimately they are able to see good results in country’s economy. NO CLASSROOM SHOULD LEFT BORING. We should make classrooms active and interesting so that their interests can be arose. Heavy books must be replaced by new and smarter technology like laptops, tablets. Government should provide scholarships to help poor ones. Schools hours should get less. Students must be provided with instruments whatever needed for practicals. To make teaching smart, smart board facility should be given. Group model making can be the best holiday homework, by which their concepts will improve. Teachers should try to teach students in the practical way so that it helps them to understand better instead of mugging-up the text. At the age of teen students are unable to decide their career or most of them have confusions, so seminars and counseling should be given. Students must provide options to choose their subjects as it helps them to score better as well as understand. Even parents should not focus or depress a child on his/her performance. Students must be motivated otherwise suicide cases are in front of us. Officials should make the visit of twice in a week in government schools during school hours so that its condition can be improved. There should be personal development classes which helps them to nourish their inner qualities. As Martin Luther rightly said, “Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education”. Teaching is an art not a bad part of life. Being a teacher is a matter to proud. The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.

               We need creative and hardworking child for which we must implement these changes in the society as not only education system will improve but also problems related to poverty, corruption, murder, robbery will be finished if education system along with literacy rate will improve. Our nation does not need children who can mug-up each and everything easily but needs those who can encounter the social problems like global warming which is the today’s demand of the society. Today’s generation is the future of tomorrow’s nation. So it’s a duty of all of us to give some attention to the important part of the society that’s today’s generation.

              Rightly said by someone “children must be taught how to think, not what to think”, thus what we need.


Author BioSakshi Agarwal,15 years old girl from Kamla Nagar,Agra. A participant of International Essay Competition, Month of August.




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