Story of the Wright Brothers & the First Successful Airplane

By Badri Khatidze

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The twentieth century was a very revolutionary era, as politically and technologically as scientifically. The world bore the two biggest wars therefore Political and economical situation was destitute. This period had an enormous impact on each people who lived in the poverty. However, a few people who lived better in comparison with others started thinking about innovations therefore there were many deep changes in the field of technology. A situation like this played a great role in the development of technologies. Numerous inventors and scientists thought that it would be useful and beneficial to create new things to improve people’s life.  

One of the great inventors was the Wright brothers who made a revolution and created the airplane. The Wright brothers had been thinking about flying. By the 1890s they had already read several pieces of information and article about flying and they started making a new unmanned aerial vehicle.   Many experiments were conducted until they became successful. Suddenly, they found out that to fly aerial vehicles perfectly they needed small and thin wing root. Also, they understood that vehicle didn’t have a light motor therefore they made it on their own which had 12 horsepower and weighed 152 pounds.

On December 17, 1903, Orville took off from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and he flew to an altitude of 120 feet by their aerial vehicles. Orville gave people hope that they could travel all over the world where they have not been before. Despite this success, people and many newspapers didn’t believe in this fact and they met it skeptically. When brother wright realized that nobody believed in them they decided to use to organize a flying demonstration in all countries in Europe. On August 8, 1908, Wilbur flew for 1 hour and 45 minutes in France,and people were amazed and delighted by this impressive fact.

Needless to say, that the airplane is the most useful invention because numerous people use it. It is an integral part of daily life for people that indicates that an airplane has many consumers every daily. It has an enormous impact on people who go on vacation or business trip. Aircraft helps Businesses and other various activities to develop them for example, for a businessman to quickly arrive in the city and sign a contract with someone else; he needs fast transport such as an airplane.

When the wright brothers invented the aerial vehicle people didn’t believe that they could travel all over the world in every country. However, it wasn’t as developed with its design and endurance as it is today. Following in the footsteps of developing the aircraft, many engineers and inventors refined its design and equipment therefore it became more attractive and high-quality, which earned public trust. After that aircraft, it became the most popular transport in the world.

People are transported by wide cars in large cities which undoubtedly pollute the environment. In this case, it is good to transport by plane because many airplanes operate on solar energy. Aircraft is developing with different technologies and it will soon become one of the safest and harmless transports in the world.

Unquestionably aircraft is one of the most multifunctional transports in the world. However, it’s interesting what its original purpose was. When the wright brothers invented the unmanned aerial vehicle its function was to make people fly a certain mile high and to see other places with a new eye. However, it didn’t mean that the main goal of aircraft was to travel people around the world but it was created to travel certain distances. moreover, the Wright brothers signed an agreement with the American and French armies that they would provide their planes to the armies and These aircrafts had been using for military operations and different activities.

At present aircraft are very different and developed compare with previous models of them. They have a multifunctional and comprehensive purpose. Firstly, they provide environmental efficiency. Secondly, they help to improve economic growth such as tourism, business, and transport system. Finally, aircraft provide armies of different countries with military aircraft.

Aircraft are divided into two categories. The first one is military which consists of the f-16 fighting falcon, p-38 lighting, and several models. The second one is civil aircraft which includes private and business planes such as airbus a319, ATR 42, and Boeing 737-800. 

Aircraft must have excellent construction and a driving force to fly better without any obstacle. In this case, both today and in the past it was invented the main driving force was a solid jet engine, undercarriage, wings, and leading-edge. These parts of the aircraft had an enormous impact on the flying of the plane. Also, the fuselage was given great significance because it was important to make it durable. 

One of the most important components is the wings for each plane. They create the basic charge for the flight and allow the aircraft to maneuver. Furthermore, the weight of the plane wings and the degree of sharpness determine the correct flight of it and the safety of the aircraft and passengers.

After the Wright brothers invented the unmanned aerial vehicle many engineers started the development of it. From the 1920s many aircrafts companies had been already founded and they have begun to carry some mails among countries. In the 1930s a single-wing airplane became more popular which had a metal fuselage and retractable undercarriage. This kind of aircraft performed a great role in World War II. The war brought the first aircraft with jet engines that could fly at higher speeds. In the 20th century, commercial and business planes became the most popular with any kind of people.

By Badri Khatidze


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