10 Most Horrible Haunted Places in India

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We all must have paid attention to some scary stories during our childhood days. But there are places in India, which tend to push us to believe that there is a thing called “Ghost”. So, in order to keep up the curiosity present inside us to explore the unknown, let’s take a look at some of the haunted places in India.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

This place is one of the most popular among the people who chase the unseen. Many people have always been fascinated by the sheer name of this place. This fort was built by Madho Singh in the year 1631. It is believed that in this place some people have even went missing. It is also said that this place became haunted after it was cursed by a tantric named Balu Nath. According to folklore, the tantric fell in love with the queen Ratnavati of the kingdom. But it was unacceptable by the king. So, later on the tantric cursed this place due to which this place became deserted and it is now haunted.

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

It is believed that Sulam Khan, who was the diwan of the region during a period, had levied huge taxes on the people of this village. He also wanted to marry a girl of the village community whom he liked, but was rejected by the people of the village. Later on, people of Kuldhara decided to leave this place overnight in order to protect their dignity and also from harsh tax regime. From that day onwards, this place has not been able to rise back and still lies abandoned.

D’souza Chawl, Mumbai

It is believed that a woman once died after she fell inside a well while drawing water from it in this place. From that day onwards people have seen her spirit roaming around in the chawl during the night. So, people living in this place tend to stay indoors after the sunset. Call it a story or real-life incident, this place is bound to thrill some people who want to visit thisplace for the paranormal experience.

Jatinga, Assam

This village has been able to attract many scientists and even research that tries to solve its reason of popularity. It is seen every year that many birds commit mass suicide in this village by descending downwards from sky while flying and crashing into buildings and trees. But it is still not known that why it is happening on a yearly basis. Some speculations are also there that it happens due to the late onset of monsoon season and dense fog which makes the birds disoriented.

Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

It is a very beautiful place from an architectural point of view. But it tends to create a hypnotising effect on the person who tries to go deeper and deeper in this place. The thing is that the sound of your own footsteps tend to attract you towards the black water present in this place and compel you to drown yourself in the water. No matter what, but the beauty of the place is noteworthy.

National Library of India, Kolkata

The story of ghost of Lady Metcalfe has haunted the existence of this place for quite some time now. This 250 years old architecture is home to many spooky stories. It is believed that the ghost roams in its corridors and also keeps an eye on the readers who come here for the love of books. There was also an accident during its renovation work in which there was an unfortunate death of 12 labours. This added even more thrust to the scariness of this place. There was also a discovery of a hidden chamber in this place in the year 2010. It is believed that the chamber was a place of torture during the British Era.

Tunnel number 33 or Barog Tunnel, Himachal Pradesh

This tunnel has the distinction of being the straightest train tunnel in the world. Along with that there is also a story which is attached to it. The story goes in this way. This tunnel was being built by an engineer named Colonel Barog., who was given this responsibility by the British Government in the 20th century. But due to some error in calculation he was not able to complete the work as he ended up creating two parallel tunnels. Due to this mistake, his reputation of being a good engineer was tarnished and out of shame he committed suicide inside the tunnel. Now, it is believed that his ghost can be seen every now and then. The good part of this story is that the ghost appears to be friendly in nature and does no harm to anyone and neither there have been any reports of false happening in the place. Now, there is also a small-town present around the tunnel which bears the name of the deceased Colonel Barog.

Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad

As the name itself suggests, this place was once a science college. But due to many reasons it was abandoned. Later on, it was found out that despite being abandoned the bodies present inside the college, which were used for practical purpose by the college, were not disposed off by the administration. So now this adds spice to this place as it is considered haunted and many strange sounds and noises are heard in this place. Another factor which adds to its popularity is the fact that the caretaker of this place was also found dead for some strange reason. So, this place definitely needs to be on your haunted list.

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

It was built in 1870s by MuljibhaiMadhavani. It is believed that the place is haunted and there has also been many encounters of people working there as a film crew while shooting. There has also been sighting of ghost figures here. People have also reported some creepy noises. The history of this mill is also very shocking as it was completely burned during a fire and the reason of the fire is also unknown. The most famous story of this place is the one involving a child. It issaid that while shooting a film, a child started to behave in a very strange manner and started to roll on floor with his hands folded backwards. The entire group of children present there at that time started to scream and cry out of fear. People believed that the child was possessed. The father of the child involved in the incident, also says that as soon as they drove a bit further away from the place his child was back to normal. Now this sounds like a very chilling incident for a group of children. Another major incident in this place involved an actress. While shooting a movie, she started to speak in a very strange voice and said to everyone to go away. After this incident the crew of the film which was shooting there went away and never returned back to the place.

Fern hotel, Ooty

The very popular incident at this place happened during the shooting of the movie Raaz. Choreographer Saroj Khan along with her troupe checked into a room for a night stay in this hotel. But after sometime someone started to rearrange the furniture in the room above. Later on, irritated by the noise, one of the members went to the hotel manager to complain. But the astonishing thing was that there was no floor present above their room.

So, these are some of the places that are bound to compel you to explore the imaginary world of paranormal or supernatural. 

By: Raunak Jha

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