WOMEN EMPOWERMENT – Must Respect Woman

By: Yenugula Umesh Chandran

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In our Society we are facing so many problems like inequality,caste discrimination ,economic status discrimination and more .Mainly for women they are facing so many hard and complex problems. From earliest centuries women’s are treating backward compared to men ,this is because they are treated as kitchen rabbits and their house arrested in the name of myths. But nowadays in some places women are trying to be equal with men . But badkluck that in the name of mythological books , spiritual books,etc…they are being suppressed. But think once How much it is correct ? Is womens are not equal with men ? Why till today womens are being suppressed ? Why womens or not treating equally with men? Now we will try to know the reasons for that and try to put all our effects to remove inquality in our society.


Form earlier centuries, In the name of myths, spiritual books. Mens always tried to suppressed the women .but in that the special books also mentioned that all are equal ,there was no any discrimination between men and women. But they hide them .they only absorbed the information that supports the men.

By using the books men supressed women’s for a long period of years .But in nowadays when right to educationact was passed there is change in womens. Womens or motivated themselves and including men ,when the truth that all or equal & womens can also do many wonders , they can achieve many things ,mens also giving permission to them to develop themselves .Like that womens also doing wonders,in every sector, in every job they are treating equally as men. But till now also in same area where womens /girls are not allowed to study they are being suppressed.

We must have to remove that.

Before discussing about women empowerment / development we must aware the mens to change their mind sets, because mens are the main reason for making women backward. For that we have to use two weapons ,one education ,two awareness .By using above mention two weapons we can completely remove the inequality between men and women.


When we think about the ,Why we need women empowerment ? What is the important and use of it?

 To develop our country we must need the participation of women also.We can’t make our nation develop with only mens. We need both participation .In the Hindi poem “Maa Mujhe Aane Dho” written by Mridul Joshi.She clearly wrote that the importance of a girl child for our nation.

Not only for developing our nation when we want to womens to maintain your honour in our society then we must need to improve the women empowerment in our nation because in our society parents doing female foeticide, because till today they won’t believing to the girl child will improve honour,girl child will help them with financial support when parents in old age. They believing that boy child can only do that. So they are doing female foeticide.So to prove that women can do wonders, we have to support women and prove that womens are always equal to main in every sector/ anything.

 This is the importance of women empowerment


To Government:-

★ Government have to increase the employment opportunities for womens.

★Awaring womens / girl child on education

★Giving separate reservation for girls/ womens.

★By giving special scholarship for their highest studies.

To media:-

★Media have to aware the girl child’s parents and motivate them to girl child education.

★Try to change the girl child mind sets.

★Encouraging them to avoid female foeticide.

To Parents:-

Parents have to give freedom for girls. encouraging them to go high in studies. Always supporting their girl child and promote them to study.Parents do not do female foeticide.


Women / girls please don’t misuse your freedom given by your parents by doing wrong things. Please use your freedom & support to achieve wonders. If any girl / woman misuse it ,the parents afraid to give freedom for any another girl child. It destroys women empowerment.


n my opinion women empowerment is the great thing that womens can decide their life freely. It means they are living their life& independently . Here I want that all the girl child have to study well and increase their parents believe.Increase our nation’s pride.


At last we have to respect womens believe that all womens / girls or your sisters has he plays everyday in our school life . REMEMBER IT ONCE

**Please do respect me in womens/girls**

By: Yenugula Umesh Chandran

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