The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Birthday Cakes For Your Kids

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Can you imagine any birthday party without cake? Certainly, the answer will be a big NO. Who does not want to relish the sumptuous bite of cake on their birthday? Especially when it’s your little one birthday, but don’t you feel that sometimes hunting for an appetizing, tasty, and special cake becomes a daunting task and confusing?

So if you are also finding it difficult and confusing to choose birthday cakes for the kid’s birthday party, here we are adding some tips that will guide you to choose delicious Kids birthday cake for the fabulous occasion.

5 Things To Check Before Buying A Cake For Your Kids

1] Finalize Your Budget 

At the initial level, deciding your budget is a very crucial thing while you are planning a party. You should be clear about the amount you are going to spend. If you stick with your expenses, it will eliminate many of your unnecessary expenses. Most importantly, it will also help your cake bakers to offer what best they can offer in your budget.

So being a perfect organizer and being calculative is very important when buying a cake for your adorable son or daughter.

2] Bake Or Bakery

Now secondly, after deciding on your budget, plan how you are going to organize it.

If you are a good baker and want to bake it at home, it’s marvelous. So get ready with ingredients and icing. After all, who can compare when mothers cook?

But if you don’t have time or looking for different variations, choosing online cake orders is the best option. You can get a variety of options like boo bear cake, Kit Kat gems cake, fun spidery cake, and Peppa family poster cake at a very reasonable price on the online portal. Photo cakes are also in the trend that you can opt for!

Besides, online delivery provides a better option to customize your cakes as per your requirement. So just decide the shape, theme, and flavor of the cake as per your kid’s and the guest’s liking and order it! 

3] Cake And Themes

While deciding about the bakers, you should think about the theme of the party simultaneously as per your child’s interest. Yes, theme parties are getting popular among kids nowadays. While ordering cakes, keep the theme of the party in your mind as cakes as per theme do justice to the party. 

For instance, for boys, jungle theme, pirates, and reptiles cakes and for girls, princess, ballet or animals themes are in trend. If you choose your cake as per the theme, it adds extra flavor and energy to your celebration. For example, if you’re keeping the animal theme for a birthday party, there should be animal imprinting on the birthday cake as it enhances the level of the children’s happiness and atmosphere.

4] Size And Guest

Being an organizer, you should always know how many guests are coming to the party and what is the size of your party. If it is a big and fatty party, 2 or 3-tier cakes will be impressive and sufficient. On the contrary, if it is a family and friends gathering, then the small beautiful cake can be enough but always remember cake must be tasty. However, children mostly like vanilla or chocolate flavor cakes. So go for this if your guest and children like it.

5] Flavor 

As a parent, you must be aware of the flavors of cakes that are in trend nowadays for the kid’s birthday party. Vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, mango, choco, and strawberry cakes are some evergreen flavors liked by the mass.

Besides this, there are also another no. of flavored cakes that you can add to your wish list but always try that it should be tested and tried before as we can not experiment with anything new at our party.


So, These are some tricks and tips that you can think over before buying cakes for your child’s birthday bash. If you are in any part of the country or looking for cake delivery in Gurgaon, many online portals provide the best offers related to cake delivery, flavor, and customization. So avail of their service and enjoy the best day of your life! And of course the taste of the delicious cake!

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