By: Anjali Agarwal

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Outside my window sill,

Sometimes moving, sometimes still,

Shining as if blazing gold,

I’ve always admired the Sun.

There are days, it literally burns,

Hotness and warmth take turns,

But how it feels, the moments of escape from heat,

I’ve always admired the Sun.

The times around the fall,

Copper color is there,

in everything and all,

Sunset matches the surroundings’ hue,

I’ve always admired the Sun.

When the life in nature is almost at a standstill,

Sunshine always works as a relieving pill,

Feeling the warmth on a cold day,

I’ve always admired the Sun.

Then again, in spring!,

The joy sunlight brings,

Gives life to everything and everyone around us,

I’ve always admired the Sun.

By: Anjali Agarwal

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