Stats & Consumers on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Samsung is known to be the renowned and prominent brand of all time. When touch mobile phones gave a new rise to mobile phone industry. Samsung started to make strategies and they worked on their strategies by producing touch mobile phones. But soon Samsung lost its stance as it produced Mobile phones with not a good battery life. Samsung knows its way, they devised their strategy, they re-planned their strategy and introduce Galaxy series and Edge series, which gave a new rise to Samsung and it rapidly grows with success and victory. The new look of mobile phone, the whole new battery life with a worthy amount of internal memory and a good quality of camera. The whole new perspective of Samsung galaxy series was a comeback of Samsung as from then onwards it is only growing with a good success rate and it is now competing shoulder to shoulder with Apple which considered as the only king of mobile phone industry. Now with the rapid growth of technology, Android is making their way to success and producing best of mobile phones.

Buying and selling aren’t being benefited or loss for buyer but it also effect the statistics and figure of the company too. if I have to sell my old phone UK or I have to sell my phone for the best price,  then the very first thing I need to figure out is how am I going to sell it. If I want to sell my mobile phone online or sell my phone in store. Both will have different effect in terms of money, in terms of satisfaction. Let’s say I want to sell my galaxy s5, my first step is to analyze the price rate of galaxy s5 in local market and in online market depending on the demand of galaxy s5 and depending on the time and year in which I am selling it.But it will actually effect the stats of the industry of mobile phones.

The stats of Samsung has gone through ups and downs at first but then after the galaxy series, the stats of Samsungrise it saw the growth in mobile phone industry. If anyone wants to study the stats of Samsung then the best thing is to see the stats from 2010 to 2018. It will give the information and facts of the growth of Samsung. Mainly and largely statistics of any thins as we are talking about Mobile phone so it mainly depict from the shipment of specific product.  In 2016, which was considered the year of Samsung as the stats of Samsung grew widely and vividly, over 1.2 billion smartphone shipped in 2016 which is a lot to digest. Apple and Samsung even now and even in 2016 is known to be as the strongest and toughest mobile phone companies. If we see the graph of both Samsung and Apple then together they both had almost 40 percent of share in the market.  In terms of shipments, Samsung and Apple always had the lead and even in 2018, they both are still leading as Samsung in 2018 sipped almost 2.5 billion mobile phones. In the same year, Samsung brings a storm in South Korea’s smartphone market as it hold almost around 55% of the industry which again makes Samsung as the largest and dominant mobile phone industry of all time.

If we see the stats of Samsung Galaxy s7 edge then in 2016 it was considered as the top most selling android mobile phone which again makes Samsung to holdnumber one position in the industry of android. in the first half of 2016, Samsung galaxy s7 edge become the top most selling mobile phone and almost 13.3 million Samsung galaxy s7 edge shipped in the world wide. In most of the countries of the world, Samsung galaxy s7 edge ruled and the attractive and eye catching curve of galaxy s7 became the best looking mobile phone of 2016. The ball was in the court of Samsung and results in 2 percent share in android industry. Because of this high rated stats of Samsung and this is only of the one production of Samsung and there are plenty of productions after 2010 that ruled the world with its best specs and features. Whether its galaxy s8 or galaxy s9, all of them become the reason o Samsung success.

Now let’s study the consumer success of Samsung galaxy s7 edge but before this lets study consumer success of Samsung.The expansion of Samsung galaxy products actually is the reason of consumer success, people want more in terms of innovations from Samsung. There is an element of hope for customers of Samsung that needs a new production like every year. If we see the consumer insights of Samsung then it covers almost 50% in the year of 2014 in worldwide then the previous years in terms of shipment. Samsung galaxy s7 edge also has five star rating official. The consumer report of Samsung galaxy edge is quite finished it in a positive note. The consumer vision includes the specs and features of Samsung galaxy s7 edge because of the specs and features as it attracts customer which result in the progress report of the consumer market. The good battery life, the better camera, the better shape and look of galaxy s7 and good amount of internal memory except external one. All of these elements mixed together and result in a success rate of consumer report.

Stats and consumer rate always go side by side of any products. The more consumer rate results in more figures in the statistics of any product. Same goes for Samsung galaxy s7 edge, all of the success rate in stats of Samsung industry is only because of the high rate in a consumer report. This is why the Apple and Samsung always have a neck to neck competition because of the close figures in the stats and consumer reports.



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