5 Tips to Encourage Women Safety in India



A country’s development is possible (at its fullest) if all the men, women, and trans work simultaneously. However, due to some morons of the country, our nation is still in developing phase in spite of being one of the most populated country. The reason you ask? ‘Women safety’ is the answer.

Recently, India was ranked the no.1 country for being the most dangerous place for its daughters. Rapes, acid attacks, and other false actions are increasing day by day. Due to which, the half of the country’s population (i.e., Women) aren’t working at their best. And it becomes our moral duty to at least try to stop these evil deeds.

Therefore, in this article, we are sharing five tips that will encourage the women safety in India;

Taking the help of Technology

Technology is unquestionably the most significant boon India has ever had. When it comes to women safety, leveraging the technological marvels is the most optimum way.

Devices like iSECURO GPS Device can be a convenient solution for women safety. iSECURO, as a technology, utilize the GPS and GSM features to send real-time location. Also, with the help of iSECURO’s SOS technology, emergency calls can be made when the smartphone goes haywire. Additional features like History playback, Geofencing, etc. can be useful in the adverse times.

Other technologies like the 120db rape whistle can also come in handy.

Government’s initiatives

Government plays a vital role in the security of its citizens, particularly women. Awareness schemes can do wonders for women safety.

Recently ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ scheme has given a positive result by improving the conditions in more than 57% of districts. Encouraging the education of women is one of the best ways to curb this menace.


We can use every technology available. We can aware every person possible. But at the end of the day, the one who is being attacked is the only one who can defend there and then. Therefore, learning the basics of self-defense must be mandatory.

One must encourage every woman to join self-defense camps. Celebrities like Akshay Kumar & Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj are continually setting up such camps and promoting them. Why not join them?!

Additionally, carrying pepper sprays, lipstick teasers, defense sticks, etc. can help a lot during such mishaps.

Encourage them

As discussed above, proper awareness and defense program should be conducted now and then. Moreover, Women should be encouraged to “speak up!”

The main reason crimes happen often is because they don’t speak up, neither do their family members. Of course, we understand the “reputation” part, but one must realize that speaking up might stop the same thing happening to their other sisters.

Be aware

Spreading awareness is good, but being aware is better. Always check the surroundings. In case you find something fishy, Be ready! Immediately change the location. If needed, call the police. Eventually, get home safe.

Final words

India is amazing. However, due to some loonies of this highly populated country, we are considered the most dangerous place for women. From our side, personally, we encourage every daughter to work for the betterment of the nation and be aware enough about their safety. Also, every man of the country should help whenever needed.

Don’t be a statue. It’s time to fight!


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