Couple-Friendly Tips for Travelling


Most couples dream of travelling the world together – exploring new things, staying at 5-Star hotels in Manila and similar places, trying exotic foods, and interacting with people of different cultures. Travelling as a couple is more than a romantic escapade, it can also be a great test for your relationship.

Many believe that going on trips with nobody but each other can make or break you, and this is most true for younger couples – young meaning they haven’t been together too long. After all, you can only depend on each other for the duration of the trip and the smallest fallout can ruin your travels.

If you’re part of a couple – young or old – who’re planning to explore the world and going on your very first major trip, then here are some tips that should help make it an exciting and memorable one!

Learn How to Share and Compromise

Regardless of who you’re with, travelling with another person means learning how to compromise and share decisions. You can’t always have it your way and go with things only you want. As part of a duo, your travel plans should always come off of joint decisions. Letting the other take hold of the reigns can be hard for people who are wildly independent and used to travelling alone, but it’s something that must be done in order for both people to enjoy the trip.

Understand Your Partner’s Wants and Needs

As said before, your trip can’t be centered on your wants and needs. You need to take your partner’s desires into consideration and this should start way before you reach your destination. When people make an itinerary, it’s common for them to only focus on and look up the things they want, but this doesn’t work if you’re a couple. Both should have the other’s best interest close to mind and look for the best ways they can divulge on their hobbies and interests. Not only will this make your trip memorable but your unselfishness is sure to strengthen your relationship.

Spend Some Time for Yourself

Contrary to popular belief, couples don’t have to spend 24/7 together during the trip. In fact, it will benefit both of you if you spend some time away from each other. You can allot some alone time that could last an hour or two where you’re each free to do whatever you want. It could be an activity that the other hates doing like shopping, hanging by the pool, and the like. Doing this relieves you both of the inevitable strain that is created by spending a whole day with someone and is sure to make you feel rejuvenated and ready for more couple adventures.

Have a Lot of Fun

Last but far from least, remember to have a lot of fun! You’re bound to have small spats and arguments during your trip, plans may fall through, things can get frustrating – these are normal. What you have to do is learn to get past these moments and not make them the highlight of your trip. Had an argument? Kiss and make up and don’t ignore it. Plans are falling through? Take it as an opportunity to explore and try new things. You don’t have to always make the bad things good, though. Sometimes you have to accept these moments for what they are and cherish them just as you would the good ones.

Key Takeaway

Travelling as a couple can really be a test of your relationship, but it isn’t really a hard one. It’s not a 5-star hotel in Manila or a Michelin star restaurant that’s going to make your trip a success, but how you treat and take care of one another. If you learn how to compromise, understand each other, spend some alone time, and have lots of fun, you’re sure to make special and unforgettable memories that only the two of you share.


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