Sia’s Petals

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Monomousumi is happy to announce the publication of an upcoming book titled Sia’s Petals written by a young and talented writer Sia Aggarwal. The author is a 12 years old high school student of Scottish High International school, and recently judged one of the winner of the monthly International Essay Contest organized by us. She loves creative writing and reached up to a matured level of writer.

Sia Aggarwal

She lives in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. She loves to read books and write poems.  She has been writing since she was 9 years old. According to Sia, writing this book was an amazing journey and she loved every moment of it. Writing poems is something you do when your heart tells you to do it and not when someone is telling you to. Whenever she use to go to an excursion or a trip or there is some festival passing by, she use to write a poem on it. According to Sia, the key to writing is to do it from your heart. This key has helped her open the door to quite a large collection of poems.

This book is a compilation of all her thoughts. If you read this book you will know what goes on inside head of this lil young writer!

The book will be available SOON in the form of eBook, KINDLE and paperback through monomousumi (at discounted price of 150INR) and Amazon (200INR).

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