Role of Psychiatrist in Our Society


Being a doctor was my primary aspiration but my life took many twist and turns in few years. And now I am in a stage where I am a student of Chemistry and I want to become a forensic scientist. But, deep inside I want to become a psychiatrist. We are always confused with what we want in our life.We all become something in our life but how many of us are really happy with what we are doing?I always wanted to become a psychiatrist. I want to give those people good suggestions who have lost all hopes from their life, don’t have any reason to smile. People who are depressed, taking anti-anxiety pills, losing interest in activities they used to enjoy, feeling guilty of something, find difficulty in sleeping etc.,if all their problems are solved only by consulting a person who is one of them then it’s the most amazing thing in life. I want to bring that in everyone’s life. I can make them feel the importance of life, to live happily.

I always had a positive vibe in me since childhood.No one can remain upset being with me.I have helped many of my friends to come over their stressed and depressed life.One day a friend of mine decided to commit suicide but thankfully I stopped her and spoke to her for 3 hours and managed to bring her out of her depressed life in few days. But that night I couldn’t sleep.

The whole night I kept thinking thatso many people in thisworld would be there who are facing so many challenges in their day to day life.Not everyone is strong to handle these problems. People with a soft heart get tired of their life decide to end it without thinking, and if I can help any one person and make him/her feel the importance of life,bring smile on his face then for me no achievement would be bigger than this. I have this quality and I would love to make it my profession. And I can assure that I will always be happy doing my job.

There shall be many more people like me who don’t let anyone remain upset near them. I don’t think any other career would be better than this for those people. You will be happy and also make others happy.We don’t realize how lucky we are to have this life. Everyone is amazing in their own way, they just don’t try to see it within them. Life is very precious, some have got an amazing family, some are blessed with  trustworthyand loving friends. And if they don’t have them then they should just wait for the one who would love them unconditionally. Everybody has a reason to live to be happy, the only thing we need to do is to open our eyes and see around us.We will find all the people near us who love us a lot. We are important for them, they always make us feel special.

And the most important thing for overcoming depression is self-love. If you don’t love yourself then nobody can love you ever. Hurting yourself for someone else will make that person more far from you. You don’t need anyone if you love your life. Have a goal in life and try to achieve it. We all fail many times but the right person is the one who stands up again and again and fights to achieve his aim.

Why do we always hold our feelings inside and continue to be unhappy? Just do what you want, let the society judge you it’s their work. They will judge you in everything you do. But if you know you are right then their mouth will also be shut one day. Stop trying to impress everyone. It’s your life, live it on your own conditions. Try to avoid these negative vibes and the people who are creating this.

Whenever I bring a smile to someone’s life, that night I get an amazing and relaxed sleep. This is what we all deserve. Being an alternate career option this profession came in to my mind but now it has become my primary aspiration and I am sure this career option will change everyone’s life and bring hopes to live. It will give you immense pleasure as it has given me.

Author: Chandini Khanam, Jorhat


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