Orator: An Alternative Career Option

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In this competitive world many students have apprehensions about their subject options as well as their career choices, as in most of the famous exams like JEE, NEET, CLAT etc. number of aspirants are a lot more than the number of available seats. Thus, it is very important to have an alternate career choice for a bright future.

Well, in this world full of work, nobody can sit idle, but more than the job, it is important that what kind of lifestyle the job offers. Before deciding an alternate career option it is important that we make sure that it is in synchrony with our main career choice and our interests as well.

The alternate career option which I suggest is to improve your speaking and writing skills in any two languages and be a good speaker and a writer.

A good speaker can file the resume for various jobs such as of an anchor, audio book narrator, smart class lesson reader, radio jockey, translator and lots more.

To be a good speaker, one does not need to put much extra efforts rather one can practice speaking while learning course books.

Reading beyond course books for sometimes does not only improves our speaking skills and knowledge, but is also a fruitful way of taking break. Therefore, working on your speaking skills is itself a wonderful career option.

Other than the above stated jobs, there are many websites that pay you for speaking. Moreover if we work on our speaking skills, we might also become a motivational speaker or a very famous youtuber. So start from today , read your course books, newspapers and other books aloud and give a wonderful speech to yourself.

Well, speaking and writing are correlated. If one can be a good speaker than one for sure can be a good writer and vice versa. Thus you can be a good writer too!

Just pick up your pen and practice the art of converting your thoughts to words. Being a writer  is not only a profession but also a secret t0 remain calm, self satisfied and being free from anxiety and depression.

Now it’s time for me to give you some untold tips (personally experienced) on speaking and writing-

* Do not set limits for your thoughts, do not write short if there is too much to deliver nor write expanding unnecessarily.

* Do not let your thoughts be monotonous, think about every possible happening in the universe.

* Do share your thoughts with different kind of people; it will help you finding different angles of looking at a situation.

* Do mix various genres, but beautifully. People like mocktails but not contaminated drinks.

* Most importantly, don’t write to satisfy others but to yourself.

A writer has immense power and so do the speaker. They both can change people’s perceptions, lead them to war and to peace as well.

A combination of these can be deadly and can be killer as well.

Do become a “wrong doings” killer writer and speaker; do become immortal with the power of delivering your thoughts.

Author:  Vishakha Singh, Jaipur



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