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I wanted to be a doctor from my childhood.As I grew up,my fantasies in physics increased and I started to learn physics more passionately.As I passed my H.S.L.C. examinations,I took up Science stream for my H.S. as my aim was to be a doctor. I began to study physics more for now.In the two years of H.S., I became so close to physics and my fantasies regarding the outer space and the cosmos increased so much that I have decided to take up an alternative career as a space scientist and join ISRO, if my primary aim is not fulfilled, thus serving the nation in the growth of Science though my primary aspiration is to become a doctor and serve the poor and needy people of my country.

  1. Who is a space scientist?:Space science is that branch of science that deals with study of universe.In space science,scientists research the universe.There are two kinds of Space scientists-i)Physicists and ii)Astronomers.Physicists focus on theoretical areas of the field and laboratory equipment. They are responsible as to how things function in space. Whereas,astronomers study the outer space i.e. stars,planets,galaxies etc. In spite of the field an individual chooses,all roads lead to a career in space science.
  2. Inspiration to choose this career: I always had a fantasy of exploring the outer space.My interest in outer space grew at the time I read the famous book “Wings of Fire” .It is written by DR. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. This book inspired me a lot and urged the inner me to develop more love for physics and the outer space.I began to research more on ISRO and what it does and how to get there.
  3. Qualification to become a space scientist in ISRO: Students who want to become Space Scientist must develop an aptitude towards Physics and Mathematics.One should possess relevant education in pure science or in engineering disciplines to become a space scientist. ISRO recruits candidates with PhD in Physics,Astronomy and Mathematics along with engineers in disciplines like Mechanical Engineers,Computer Engineer,etc.Candidates aiming for ISRO jobs should pursue their Bachelor’s degree in the above described disciplines or related to space technology and physics.
  4. Institutes in India offering space science as a course:In Asia, India is one of the dominant countries for Physics and Astronomy Education. Some institutes in India offering space science as a course are given below:
  5. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ASTROPHYSICS (IIA):The Indian Institute of Astrophysics(IIA) is a premier National Research Institute of India situated in Bangalore. IIA conducts research mainly in the areas of Astronomy,Astrophysics.It is one of the finest institutes in India.
  6. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE (IISc), Bangalore: IISc Bangalore is considered as one of the best institutes in India for scientific research. IISc Bangalore bagged the 51st spot in QS Asia University Rankings 2017.The physics courses offered by IISc Bangalore are Integrated PhD in Physics and PhD in Physics.
  7. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (IIST): IIST is Asia’s first space university. It was established in 2007 at Thiruvananthapuram. The institute offers various programmes in broad areas of space science, technology and applications.
  8. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (IITs): The IITs are the most prestigious institutes of the country.The IITs provide various courses related to space science.These institutes offer variousprogrammes in broad areas of space science, technology and applications.

There are many other institutes in India offering quality education in space science and technology like RAMAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE in Bangalore, ARYABHATTA RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF OBSERVATIONAL SCIENCES in Nainital, etc.

India is making rapid progress in space science and technology. This is due to the numerous efforts of scientists working in the space organizations of India. ISRO has made the nation proud by its various achievements. Started in1969, ISRO has reached various milestones.As a result, space technology in India has reached new milestones through the amazing achievements of ISRO. Some of the amazing achievements of ISRO include:



iii)BACTERIA SPECIES in the Earth’s upper Stratosphere.

iv)PSLV-C21 rocket

v)Mars Orbiter Mission

vi)Reaching Mars

vii)GSLV MK3

viii)Launching 104 satellites together


x)Navigation with Indian Constellation

The recruitment to ISRO is conducted by a Centralised Recruitment Board. Candidates can find ISRO jobs under the ‘Careers’ tab on the ISRO official website. One who meets the eligibility criteria set by ISRO can apply for jobs. The selection for the job will be made through a written examination and an interview. ISRO also recruits candidates directly through campus placements from pioneer institutes in the country like IITs and IISc, to name a few.

The salary component for budding space scientist often depends on their education level, nature of work and the institute. Most people get a salary package of 2.5 to 3.5 lakh as a fresher along with several benefits such as housing facility, medical benefits and travel allowance. However, there is no limit for what best space scientists can earn if they are expert in their fields. So my alternate career option will always be to become a space scientist, joining ISRO and thus serving the nation. In this way, I will also be able to quench my thirst of exploring the outer space and do something for the nation.

 Author: Snehasish Ghosh, Tezpur



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