A Great Letter

By: Indralee Chetia

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Dear Love,

Hey there! It’s been a while since we last met. I was actually hoping that you will come to visit me soon but it seems like you have a lot of plans. It’s okay though I understand. Your job requires you to constantly travel around the world. I wonder how many different kinds of people you have met so far, too many to count. I hope everyone was happy when they first met you and even if they are not I’m sure they will find you again soon enough.

I still remember the first time we met. I was 15 or 16 maybe, struggling to finish high school. I must say it was one heck of an experience. At first, I didn’t even realize that it was actually you. I always thought that you were out of my league. Therefore, it was so weird and confusing but at the same time, it was wonderful. Because of you, I made some beautiful memories in this town otherwise I would have had nothing to take with me when I left. I was really happy that you could find me even if it was for a brief period. At least this way, even if someone asks me if I have met you or not I will be able to say something. So thank you for that.

Sometimes I pray that maybe you could come and find me again. I mean it’s good to have someone who actually understands and feels you. Sometimes there are things we can’t say to everyone, not even our closest friends but we can tell that to you. I really miss those days. If only the time had been right then maybe we would have still been together. If only I wasn’t a mess and would have realized it sooner, everything would have been so different now.

Sadly we can’t change the past. It’s over now; I have left that town for good, not even sure when I will return. But remember that I’ll always be waiting for you. I know being with you is not easy but I promise that I will keep trying till the last moment.

If fate is on our side we might meet again somewhere……

Yours forever & always


By: Indralee Chetia

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