A Love without Touch

By: Indralee Chetia

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It was the summer of August; I was waiting for my dad to pick me up after classes. While I was waiting, I felt someone’s stare. My eyes fell on the boy opposite me. I recognized him from my Eco class but he wasn’t looking at me. Maybe I was imagining things. But after some time, I realized that the boy was actually looking at me. But the moment I would turn my attention towards him, he would look away. “Weird!” That’s what I thought.

The next day, in class the same guy sat in the empty seat in front of me. During the entire lecture, he tried to steal glances at me. Whenever our eyes would meet, he would feel embarrassed. On the other hand, I started to feel awkward whenever I caught him looking at me.

Once we were given class work. The boy turned around, “Umm if you don’t mind can I borrow your notebook for a minute?”

“No problem,”

That was the first and also sadly the last time we ever spoke to each other. After that whenever we saw each other, he would smile at me which makes me feel butterflies in my stomach. Sometimes, I would catch him looking at me during classes, and then we would both awkwardly look away. Slowly something started blooming between us that didn’t require any words to describe. But sadly it was short-lived because our classes came to an abrupt end. We didn’t even get to interact much with each other. After that, we never saw each other again.

Our feelings remained unspoken to date only left with some beautiful memories. I guess, those butterflies in my stomach, those warm fuzzy feelings, those awkward stares were something people called love. A little thing called first love. Everything was perfect except the timing just wasn’t right for us. Who knows! Maybe in the future, our paths might cross again….

By: Indralee Chetia

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