By: Indralee Chetia

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“True teachers are those who help us think for ourselves”

A teacher’s role is not just confined to teaching lessons from textbooks or giving tests or assignments and grading students, it’s much more than that. The most important role a teacher plays is to shape the minds of our country’s future generation. During the entire journey of a student, the teacher plays the most important part right after the parents.

In order to justify the importance of teachers in making India, let’s travel back in time to find some examples. Everyone remembers Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as ‘People’s President’, ‘The Missile Man of India’, and other names but many youngsters and children fondly remember him as a ‘great teacher.’  Kalam always knew that teachers play an important role in shaping the future of children. Although he was not a professional teacher, he was an extraordinary teacher to all the students. Another great example is Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the 2nd president of India and also an extraordinary teacher. Dr. Radhakrishnan believed that true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves, so they should be the best minds in the nation.

Hence, teachers are the future builders of our county and the providers of knowledge and wisdom. Teachers can easily decide what the future nation should be and prepare the youngsters accordingly. Only they have the strength to fight the odds and make a powerful and well-educated India. They know the country’s needs. Many people think that the job of a teacher is very easy and a quick way to earn money. These kinds of stereotypes should be stopped. Only a student and the teacher himself/herself know how much hard work and pain it takes to be in a position like this. The success of a student is the success of a teacher and the failure of a student is the failure of a teacher as well. Moreover, a teacher only gives and never asks for anything in return. Therefore it is not easy to perform the role of teacher.

Teachers not only just make a child eligible to lead a normal lifestyle but also provide words of wisdom every day to shape the personality of the child. With the advancement of time, the role and nature of a teacher are changing. There are no longer those strict teachers our parents used to tell tales about. They now act as friends to students in need and give them life lessons to guide them toward the right path. Our nation mostly comprises the younger generation who are our future assets and teachers are the ones getting them ready. Teaching is by far the most challenging profession because it acquires skills of other professions too – good communication skills, reading and writing skills, storytelling skills, everything. Our country’s teachers are always selflessly and tirelessly working for the good of mankind and not everyone could that. They are the leaders of today training the leaders of tomorrow. It is hard to even imagine India’s future without these heroes.

By: Indralee Chetia

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