Looking For Some Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas?


 One of the best parts of getting hitched for a bride to be is undoubtedly her Bachelorette Party!

Are you also one of them and planning for the D day?

If the answer is yes and looking for some amazing deals, then my dear friend you are on the correct page. Deciding the best for her “Last Fling before the Ring” is not easy and we understand your concerns.

The entire arrangements tend to create a lot of stress and pressure on the planner. Now there are two aspects in this. Either you are planning for the event yourself or have hired expert event managers for it.

Planning everything yourself might be little tricky for you. Doing all the arrangements and cracking deals can be very taxing as well. Instead of this, if you will hire the event managers, you will be able to secure the best deals.

So Shaadidukaan is here as one stop destination for best solution! With all the best bachelorette party ideas that can covert this to your most cherished memory.  You can lay your trust upon us and we will definitely manage all your demands with utmost care.

Planning the best Bachelorette party ideas is all about doing what the bride likes or has always desired for. Remember, this party is one of the last celebrations before her marriage. Now it is up to you to decide if she would like to dance her last on a beach or a club or at home or anywhere else.

From the perfect décor to the games, we have a list of unconventional bachelorette party ideas to help in hosting the most awaited one!

Benefits of engaging with Shaadidukaan:

  • We can help you in cracking the best of the deals ranging from travel to hotels.
  • We can assure you the most posh party décor, of course according to your theme!
  • We can bring the best resources in your pre decided budget.
  • In case of outdoor Bachelorette Party, we can help you in camp side set ups and other food arrangements.
  • We can get you the best deals from the top restaurants and pubs.
  • We assure you the best of hospitality services.

Let us take you to the world of glittery and Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas

  1. Go for Pinterest Décor

Gone are the days for the boring self arranged bachelorette parties. Help us in helping you with the best of the grand decors which can be uploaded on Pinterest for the entire world to witness. Dress up the party pad with the best decorations for the future Mrs.  So that she can proudly show their pictures to their grand children / s.

  1. In house Party?

Well an in house party can be a great idea if would be bride likes it. Instead of booking rooms in a hotel, go for a rented apartment or a countryside villa. Just imagine you and your lovely group of friends enjoying and dancing uninterrupted whole night! Amazing isn’t it? Shaadidukaan can help you with the booking and the decoration along with some amazing food and drinks to let you have a blast of your lifetime. If you wish to have a pool along as well we can help you with that.

  1. Go for a Theme based Party Swag!

The most safe and sure shot successful bachelorette parties is the theme based one. You decide the theme and leave everything to us. We shall do the entire decoration, the accessories, goodies, gifts, theme based food and drinks. Trust us this idea is one of the most favorite of the girl as they get a chance to speak their heart and choices in life.

  1. Pubs

What can be a better idea to have the blast of life than going to the top pub in the city? We have tie ups with many top pubs at various locations which can be helpful for you to book one under your budget. All you need to do is explain your requirements and expectations in advance so that we can select the best location for you. We can also help you with customized theme based decorations in the pub itself. This is an icing on the cake!

  1. Camping

If you know that the Bride to be is an adventure lover, then a bachelorette party on a camp side would be just awesome. We can suggest you with some really innovative and creative ideas that can enhance your fun many folds. If you wish to surprise the bride, you can have a secret planning with us! We will do all the arrangements at the location and all you need to do is have a blast of your lifetime. We would appreciate if you can share some important info regarding your location preferences and food.

  1. Brunch Party

If you wish to have a quiet and sober bachelorette party, then why not opt for a brunch celebration. Many celebrities have made it a trend to flaunt their fashion senses in brunch parties. Let us know your food and drinks preferences so that we can find you the best restaurant in the town. Our expert team will manage all the decorations and the catering part as well. It’s not that you cannot sing or dance. Of course you can! Trust us; this will turn out to be the most unconventional bachelorette party ideas.

Last but not the least we have a team of professional wedding photographers who will happily take the responsibility to make your every moment worth cherishing. Wedding is a lifetime even and should be celebrated in the best and grandest way. After all, my dear ladies, it’s you last party with the single tag! To get the best Bachelorette Party ideas, log on to our website and avail the best offers to make your bachelorette party the talk of the town. You can also visit our store and get and get an idea with the help of videos and pictures.


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