7 Types of Birthday Gift Ideas That You Can Personalize


“Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.”

Birthdays come once a year and just that one time, makes our heart melt into tears as we turn a year older and wiser. Colourful balloons, scrumptious birthday cake, our bunch of beloved people coming to wish us and of course, the birthday gifts, everything about birthdays is so special that there would be absolutely no one who wishes to skip celebrating it. Isn’t it? So if your loved one’s birthday is soon approaching, then you have to ace your gifting game by winning his/her heart with any of these below listed personalised birthday gifts. Why personalised gifts, if you ask, then we would say because these kinds of the gift have a special connection due to a nostalgia stricken memory being attached to it, which is what makes it so special. Here are a few gifts that you can absolutely get customised as per your wish.

  1. Photo Frame – Bringback those good, old days filled with love and utmost joy as you gift a photo frame personalised with some cool pictures that will act as a sweet reminder for the love or the bind, you and the recipient share.
  2. Keychain – Help your beloved recipient to stay organised yet leave a sweet impression of you on his/her mind with a personalised keychain. You can look for some cool options of personalised keychains online or offline at some reputed gift stores.
  3. Lamp – Bless the dear recipient with good night, baby-like sleep, so you gift a lamp after getting it personalized with your love and some lovely pictures. You can gift a table side lamp or a showpiece lamp or a bottle lamp to name a few options.                                                
  4. Cake – Cake is loved by all and even goes well with the occasion of birthday, which is what makes it one of a kind personalized gift option. You can get a designer cake with the name of the birthday boy/ girl personalized on it or even a photo cake along with a sweet photograph of you both layered on it to make their birthday as special as it seems.
  5. Cushion – A cuddly, comfy cushion can easily get to be personalised with a picture or some quote along with the recipient’s name to make it an excellent gift for birthday. So, the recipient doesn’t have to wait to pass some hugs or cuddles to you anymore.
  6. Plant – Just as noble and kind as your recipient is, a plant having the same properties can make a great birthday gift when it comes potted in a personalised pot. Yes, you heard us! You can get the plant pot personalised as per the birthday theme with a cutesy picture or the recipient’s initials getting engraved on it.
  7. Chocolate – Who doesn’t love to grab a bite of chocolate, every now and then? Everyone does. Right? Which is what makes personalised chocolates a sweet way of commemorating someone dear’s birthday by gifting them with. You can ask your baker to get it customised for you at a nominal price.

So, the next time you are wondering what to gift, choose any of these gifts and get it personalised to sweep the recipient off his/her feet on their birthdays.


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