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   Each day of our life begins with the same sunrise for everyone and ends on an astounding different note with the same moonlight for each and every living being, which strikes equally on every single particle of the earth’s soil. Humans have always toiled hard and keen on the various aspects of living, stroking their mark in the history of mankind to approach the zenith of progress and development in the society. The curiosity of the brain has crossed the barricades of environment and communication to reach the peaks of the skies and depths of the oceans in transforming the central track of scientific and technical reasoning that go beyond the sight of the eyes. Significantly, the advent of the 21’st century has captivated the commemoration of a new era with technological advancement in the crash of a real-time space revolution.

Since times immemorial, human nature has always matriculated a dire necessity of communicating the expressions, feelings, emotions and the entire sense of physical and mental sensitivity by various means of verbal and non-verbal communication. The connectivity of different people, cities, states, nations, and continents have constituted a strong link with the social, political and architectural engagements that instigates the making of a democratic society, that prospects a standard of firm outlook towards a stable and powerful socio-economic body. Communication has become the baseline of a technically sound envision in the path of a daily routine as well as serves to be an essential organ in the competitive level of science, commerce, and arts. In the olden days, many people were deprived of communication as a privilege accustomed only for a few due to the higher costs and scarcity of the required systems. The ascent of digital communication has freed the native uncertainty that existed for long time durations over the mutual exchanges and talks of the common men.

Dean Koontz has said, “The hands of every clock are shears, trimming us away scrap by scrap, and every time piece with a digital readout blinks us towards implosion.” Digitization of various communication systems in the conception of reliable wireless technological propagation legalizes the core of interaction in the most functional way known till date. The sophisticated manner of communication by which the relative reach between different people, communities, departments, and organizations is stamped upon, has arrived in the foundation of a long-time interactive vigour to spread the message in a more realistic state. The initiation of digital communication, the agenda of advancement in the first decade of the 21’st century has gripped a higher pace of speed rate and longevity by the use of software design and hardware fabrication. Robust stems of iconic devices and versatile data transfer techniques have arisen in the site of mobile development and operating system profiling; thus, allocating the phenomenon of communication, a higher place in affecting the morale of cultures, politics, and business that meal change and evolution in every moment of the clock.

Consistency is the most important judgment in the process of communication to regulate the true sense of data transfer on the basis of speed, availability, and security. The gradual correspondence of transmitting a message from the sender to the recipient requires high grading of the continuity to reach the exact destination. With the invention of suitable tech bases such as Bluetooth and Electronic mail, the data signals carry the desired content with greater ease and faster in time than it consumes in making a phone call. Also, besides that encryption of the data matters the most in the present-day world where every person ensures personal security and privacy as a fundamental human right. A database, a typical construction of information concerns the boundary conditions of communication before it slips into the belt of the media splurge as different types of data are meant for intended purposes only. Thus, the security factor governs the interaction of today’s era.

Technical specifications have garnered attenuation in the mist of the scale of scientific perception to encourage a better depth of understanding the bacon of communication. The ongoing research on how the communication services can optimize the lifestyle of socio-economic living has led to a large part of the confluence in the facet of multi-hosting productivity. A wealth of interests and subjects have conjoined the mutual relationship between society, economy, and environment creating an inevitable flow of information in every possible direction by connecting communication with the spice of digital technology. The advent of the Internet, the largest network of computers became a vote of performance and the measure by which the world got connected within the wink of an eye. It has coagulated the resources, skills, and co-ordinals at one place to uphold the torch of extensive knowledge in the global centers of education and trading markets.

Technology has crept beyond the clouds in providing a generation of devices that are able to challenge their counterparts, well enough in rearing higher performance of applications. In fact, every consecutive day brings with it, a new leash of technical solutions to the field of communication, offering several opportunities to adapt to newer features in relation with the grease of formative and subjective interaction. Communication has unintentionally bounded the arena of competition with fresher challenges that cup out the need to be updated and upgraded simultaneously. The constant rise in the need of wireless technology jogs the nick of modernity that explicitly tracks down less space and more flexibility. Smartphones have kindled the sensitivity of nanotechnology and blurred out the use of telegram and fax machines. View of the world has indeed been applauded by the introduction of smaller sized devices with advanced fabrication and software technology.

In contrast, digital communication has turned out to be an addiction for the common population as it has a saddle in the data worldwide accessible within the click of a button. Youngsters have become obsessed with the internet, online games, and technology in their regular lifestyle. This type of careless attitude has smitten the normal human behavior with excessive exposure and aggressiveness towards the world and the outer environment. Thus, time and again, the medium of communication bargains a clear sense of usage and participation against life and health, physically as well as mentally. Digital communication orients perfection in its usage and therefore demands proper usage and timely updating of technical baseband to prevent any kind of threats from corrupting the communication systems. In cessation, digital communication has been the greatest advancement in the 21’st century so far which will continue to be in the timeline of progress till the day, human civilization exists on this planet.            


Author BioSandip Pramanik, 19 years old from Kandivali(West), Mumbai.A Participant of International Essay Competition, September.


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