I Dare To Dream …

Photo : 01webdirectory

I dare to dream about a heavenly dream

with the water so crystal clear

the grass greener than ever

the ground so still as I look up to

the blue sky and no cloud within sight

I think “could this be my new home?”

I talk to the wind as it blows across my face

and invades in my space.

soon the night sets in,

I look up to see the constellations far from sight

and in front of me a river with

the reflection of the night star.

this was a place where I could stay with no fear

and I thank myself to begin with I dare to dream.


Author Bio : Shriya Datha, born and brought up in Dubai. I love writing its more like a passion to me. It helps me to imagine and sometimes also helps in relaxing, when I am stressed.


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