Civil Services : An Alternate Career Option


“The path is clear, but you have to be determined; to walk. You have wings, but you have to be determined; to fly. Success is in your hands, but you have to be determined forever.”

I wrote these lines to myself, when I first thought about my career. I thought, our career is that portion of our life, in which you not only work hard to achieve it but after its achievement you have to work hard to sustain it. That’s why, in quote; i mentioned that, ‘you have to be determined forever’. Definition of career varies person to person. For some people, career is an opportunity to proove themselves and for some, career is a medium to have luxurious life. According to me our career is a standard version of your life, in which you learn with progressive manner and implement it in your career life. Roots of career begin in our mind and then it starts moulding yourself to achieve it. That’s why Buddha said “what you think you will become”. Therefore, it is necessary to decide your alternate career option.

Interest plays majour role, while choosing career. As disinterest in any career option leads to burden and boredom. So, you should choose that type of career, in which you are satisfied then ultimately, your hardwork for coming years; will be pleasurous for you. It’s easy to identify your interest through your skills, capabilities, desires and personality. According to my interest, I want to see prosperous and peaceful society and  want to contribute to my society for education of children, equal status of women  and  good governance at rural level. For the same context, I believe implementation of government policies, is a best way to fulfill these key features of development. Hence, i want to become a civil servant who works like a bridge between society and government.

Civil servants plays majour role in development and progress of society. A civil servant is a government employee, who is connected to central government for implementation of government policies, which are made by leaders. To become a civil servant, it’s necessary to clear entrance test of Civil Services Examination, which is conducted by Union Public Service Commission. The test is divided into three stages in which first is Preliminary exam, second is Mains exam and last Personality Test.

Preliminary exam comprises two papers in which first are paper of General Studies and another is Civil Services Aptitude Test. Both papers consists objective type question. Whereas, Mains exam is a written exam which consists 2 papers of Language, Essay, 3 papers of General Studies and 2 papers optional subject. After qualifying these two exams personality test is last phase for the selection. Through the marks and ranking candidates are recruited to various posts like Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service and Indian Police Service etc.

For such vast examination, it is necessary to understand and analyse the syllabus and current affairs.  Newspaper reading is very important to get updates of current affairs. Preparing a time table to study various subject is important for regularity in studies. Health also plays very crucial role throughout the preparation. Junk food should be avoided as it increases the risk of becoming depressed. Yoga, meditation, exercises and morning walk are the best way to stay physically and mentally healthyand they will also enhance the concentration level.

Journey to becoming a Civil Servant is full of hurdles. Over 1million people applies for the 700 to 1000 vacancies but only those people can separate out themselves from crowd who are completely prepared. It’s a fact that, Union Public Service Commission is not recruiting aspirant of Civil Services but it is recruiting Civil Servants. So, to get success in this exam it’s required to start thinking like a Civil Servant from present and this should be a first step of its preparation.

Civil Services as a career option, is full of endless learning. It is similar to that peak of mountain who’s height increases by every snowfall. You can climb its peak but you have to be strong to face difficulties to climb even higher. So, nothing is too difficult and nothing is too easy, it’s just a game of your mind and you are the controller of it so play with it according to your interest and hard work which will definitely leads to success in your life.

Author: Amrit Kaur, Delhi


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