How to Pursue Journalism as a Career

Source: KR Mangalam University
Source: KR Mangalam University

Choosing an alternative career is the most complex tasks. To choose it, first we had to push ourselves from previous failure and comments from society. We all grow with some inspirations and aspirations which can be seen as a gleam in our eyes. All of us want to reap to what our parents had sown. The same I was expected to do. My parents want their elder daughter i.e. me to become a banker as it is safe and secured job for girls, but the rules and regulations of this job does not match with my lifestyle or my hopes. At the same time, an alternate career option was weaving inside me i.e. was-


The Journalism is an art of collecting, distributing and representing the news, current affairs and other several things in its text form. You can say that journalists work on three basic things- GEV (gathering, editing and validating). The word journalism was fetched from the French journal. This is an inspiring and exciting job which offers you tasks daily. An adventurous sport can be a synonym for journalism.


It is a profession which can be deal with patience, smartness and individual opinions. All the time you don’t need to do bake yourself under the shining sun but besides this you can do following jobs-

  • Reporter
  • Sub-editor
  • Designer
  • program producer
  • Researcher
  • News editor


Nowadays every generation are using mobile phones, news. In recent years, there is rapid growth in this industry. Well, I has good market value if he qualified degree is from renowned college


Anyone with the habit of working long hours, living separate from their living places (in some cases) can follow this. Grow up with smartness and a good knowledge in current affairs may provide advantage later on. After completion of 12th from any stream, you can pursue either BA in Journalism or diploma in journalism. Then go ahead for pursuing M.A. in journalism. Below are some courses for graduations


  • A. with journalism
  • J.M.C
  • Bachelor in journalism
  • A. in script writing
  • A. in convergent writing
  • Sc in journalism and Communication Study
  • Bachelor in Media Science
  • Diploma in journalism and Mass Communication
  • Diploma in journalism

These days, companies are looking for post graduates who can take their company at the height.



  1. Delhi school of journalism
  2. Makhanlal chaturvedi national journalism
  3. Jamia millia islamia
  4. Indian Institution of mass communication


Its biggest attractive quality is its salary. It is at around 3 lakh per annum for entry level positions while the seniors enjoy it at 8 lakh to 15 lakh per annum and this goes up higher for more experienced and smart journalists. Isn’t it a wonderful thing? I heard somewhere; if your passion became your profession then you used to enjoy it as a game.  Here besides salary, you earn fame and experience which always makes heavy a side in a balancing scale.


Although, I am unexperienced in this field as I am giving my 12th standard examination but I want to experience this journalism phase because I always have a dream that people will read my writings and follow them. I will pursue B.J.M.C from Delhi school of journalism to make my dreams fulfilled.

 At the last, I want to convey you all is no one can stop us from reaching at heights if we are determined. Likewise, I too always determined to win a shining trophy of monthly essay writing competition every time.



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