Purpose PEERS Practice

By: Srividya Muthuvel

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Indulgence in procurement towards sensing zone of possibilities in accordance with gallery of imagination circulating rays of positioning, marching with enduring insights, infuses the strata of décor in association with musing which strands its velocity’s inference. Gaze incorporating prudent implies vision, exfoliating vacuum, designing circumference to designate dialogues missioning resonance within, emitting radiation plunged with diversification of verses. Essence of inertia amplifies magnitude ranging in course with delegation, asserting arena of fusion in elucidating elements to accord raise undulating rise.

Except (choice) perpendiculars the aspect of Accept which in turn equilibriums concretion of Expect. This phenomenon is certainly reliable solely when Except aligns ingredients sealing the zone to zeal in aroma for establishment, perspiring to ascend Self-acceptance with dimensional modifications which proposes intentional modulations reaping insulation for expectation resulting in prospering of Except churning into Exception (the core foundation), promoting vigilance of Acceptance (self-accommodation) which relatively curates solace by diluting the mixture, perspire to inspire reminiscing the allocation of Expectation (self-reliance) transcending the acquiree in becoming phenomenally ‘EXCEPTIONAL’ by assembling, according, compiling and pertaining the demonstrators – Except, Accept and Expect.

Study (Self-analysis) prescribes the program for pairing of intent to intend in order to create sphere inhabiting conceptualization (abstract) in prior of deliberating concepts (concrete) to release and absorb the intension (purpose) with application for aspects (practice). The aspiration to combust practice for purpose induces fuel of clarity which in turn accelerates motion, setting stimuli, absorbing the descends of situation, aiming in perpetual abide, resulting in conquering the universe of self-assimilation enhancing “Purpose Peering Practice”! 

By: Srividya Muthuvel

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