Women Empowerment

By: Mohulbonee De

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Women empowerment entails rights of women on every matter of their life equal to that of men. However, it is not all about giving equal rights to women as compared to the men. It is also about understanding the role of womanhood in our society. Women empowerment may include rallies and many other protests but the real essence of the meaning of the word ‘women empowerment’ is humanism. 

The difference between men and women was created by humans who looked for their benefit in the ancient time. This continues till now, but with some modifications women are now equally respected in the society as of the men. Surprisingly, the institution creating difference between men and women was also carried by the women who thought that this distinguish between men and women must be correct and followed it blindly rather than protesting against it. Having no choice left to the women, this continued for ages until in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, the first protest for women rights began. Along with this, history has seen the leadership of the women in the field of politics.

The thought that men are more productive than women is actually incorrect. Women not only handle the household chores but also the other household necessities. This is not only a perspective but has been proven time and again. It is said that men do the productive work whereas women do the reproductive work. Here by mentioning reproductive work it is not only indicating giving birth to a child but also handling the household chores. Women work as household maid, agricultural labour, industry labour and construction worker. Hence, they are as productive as the men.

Many people in India are poor. One reason of the impoverishment is women’s disempowerment. At present, standing in the 21st century it is better to understand that by following certain beliefs like women are weak or less productive is not going help us to move forward and compete in this world. That is why we should change our mindset and help others to change in a better way and for betterment. 

By: Mohulbonee De

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