I have chosen this topic because I it’s strongly relevant to us today. Before I begin sharing my lockdown experience in my country Malaysia, my thoughts and prayers to thousands of lives that are lost because of COVID-19 to their families. I feel so privileged and fortunate to have been in a safe zone and able to pen down this essay. The astounding growth of new cases of Covid-19 every day across the country has led the government to announce a Movement Control Order (MCO). When I heard that the pandemic has clawed in the country, I cannot take my puppy for a stroll without a signed permit and even then, we should not stray more than 500 metres from house. A national enforced confinement was always the only option for handling the Covid-19 crisis. So, even earlier we had picked up supplies of vegetables, dried foods, canned foods etc. After all, we have no idea how long the lockdown will last. Three months ago, no one had any idea about SARS CoV-2. At this moment time, this virus has infected almost 662,394, total deaths are 30,879 and 142,183 are recovered. On the other hand, 95% patients are in mild condition whereas 5% of patients are in the critical level. This pandemic has crashed economies, education, broken health-care systems, overflowing Intensive Care Unit (ICU), void public spaces. Besides, Covid-19 has detached every human being from occupations, bond between friends, relatives and acquaintance. Therefore, a total lockdown has been imposed to try to quash the spread of the outbreak to avoid the breakdown of hospital and above all, the ICU.

The year beginning school holiday which is scheduled for a week has been almost two months.Thus, during this lockdown teachers are commanded to organise online classes. I have virtual classes for 5 days a week. These classes take place live in the Telegram, Zoom, Google Meet and Quizizz applications. My school’s online class is divided into two sessions which is 9 am to 11 am and 2 pm to 4 pm. My teachers have always provided a lot of practices in the form of Google Forms and Padlet. I am diligent and happy by completing the exercises promptly. Although, MOE announced the cancellation of Grade 3 Assessment, I continued to study and did not undermine my desire to continue the learning momentum at home. I indeed adored studying the subject of Mathematics and Science because my math teacher made her own videos and explained each subtopic very clearly. If I do have any queries, I will message my teacher immediately to deserve for a good explanation. Simultaneously, my Science subject teacher will upload a lot of exercises from Grade 1 to 3 even on non-class days. I am weak in Science subject, so I don’t hesitate to text my teachers asking for more practices and notes to correct my weaknesses. Not only that, I also do attend online seminar. This seminar encouraged me to study hard. I gained my knowledge from a variety of interesting sources to continue exploring scholarly journeys up. I appreciate the sacrifices of these dedicated teachers in these challenging times and thanking for all the essential guide lines.

Apart from lessons, I also spend my additional time on cooking. I’ve learned from you tube to try new recipes like cheese cake, carrot cake, dalgona coffee, tomyam, curry puffs, banana cake and few to list down.  My mom and I will try those recipes most in the evening that we venture.  My mom and I will be pleased and satisfied as our family enjoy such appetizing food. At the same time, I also occupy my free time by playing games with my siblings like snake and ladder, carom and millionaire. A side from that,Ioften watch television shows such as dramas, concerts and films. In my spare time, I do also spend my time by making handicrafts from discarded materials like plastic bottles, boxes, egg cartons and newspaper.

  This epidemic spread throughout the country in early 2020 and spread quickly and it was announced that the disease was a pandemic by the WHO. Due to the overflowing of ICU, doctors don’t know where to host the patients anymore. Doctors are being scorned for being late with diagnosis, yet they are holding their bladder because they don’t have time to use the restroom, starving because they missed lunch, puked on, bled on and are missing their family while taking care of patients. They lack sleep yet they are willing to stay awake for patients. Besides, some doctors are working without gloves as stocks are limited. Every doctor’s heartfelt request only is, ‘I stay at work for you, you stay at home for us.’ Likewise, armies and police those are standing at the street without wearing a mask appealed, to make a drive if it’s significant only.

  I believe that this outbreak has come to create awareness around the world. This epidemic awakened me to thank God, the creator of nature, the treasure of the earth. On the other hand, this quarantine has taught me to appreciate the value of life, people and all small things around us and to be gratified those what we owned.

 If you get to know that you are infected by corona virus keep yourself isolated, consult a doctor, stay safe and wear a mask. In summary, to avoid corona virus you ought to quarantine yourself, wash your hands frequently, keep your environment tidy, eat nutritious food, do yoga to increase your immune system. Don’t underestimate that Covid-19 is only infected to granny and grandfathers. It’s always better late than never and nobody have idea how long the lockdown and corona virus will last.

Author: Keshni, Malaysia


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