Journey of an adolescent from boyhood to manhood is difficult. At this age a person struggles to find his own identity. I know a boy who is sensitive in nature, mentally weak and kind hearted. He falls in love with a girl and finds a place to work. Betrayal from love and diplomacy in work, leads him towards frustration and aggression that detaches him from reality. Sometimes he lives in his own imaginary world when he likes to stay alone away from social life. He was struggling to find his inner self . Though he was physically present on earth but his mind was not satisfied with his incomplete soul. He wanted to find what he was actually living for, what was his purpose on earth.

  Eventually he got attracted with the theater world where one cannot differentiate between imagination and reality. He got engraved within acting, dialogue, theatre setting, story and script writing. Each time he struggled to write a story, he found a hand written script from under his bed. These scripts made a great contribution to the theatre production which made him famous. In reality he was sure that the script weren’t his and this made him feel guilty. Several times his guilt haunted him; he remained aloof from family, love, society because of the fear of losing trust of the admirers and followers. Then the most important day arrives when he was going to deliver speech as best script writer in front of thousand of his followers and admirers. His hands were shaking and he was trembling with fear. In all these days he carried heavy burden of guilt with him. Today he was going to confess that he was guilty.

  And this is when his hidden part of soul arrived to encourage him and said “Why can’t you speak for yourself? Are you really worthless like everyone tells? Are they right? Why will you let them win? Your true potentials lie within you.” Everyone from childhood has told him he lacks talent, and that’s what he believed in what they said. Now he is too scared to face his inner self. “I am your inner self whom you have been searching for years. You and I are in the same soul, believe it and let me in.”

  Suddenly he realized something and got all the answers within a flash of light. His inner self was the actual writer of those scripts whom he has been neglecting for years.  He merged his true self within his ideal self. From the very childhood his ideal self did what he was supposed to do not what he loved to until he saw that play in  theatre. This harmony between the real self and ideal self is important for living a happy balanced life. He realized his talents and potential was above average. He held his head high and started to deliver the speech. Never did he ever again let anybody tell him what he was capable of. He knew what he was, he found his “identity “.

   “I am the inner self. Most of the people start to ignore me as they grow old. Most people die without exploring me. I was your best friend during childhood days when you had an innocent heart with no worries. Please let me be a part of your life and see the magic. Your life will become more meaningful and complete. Your life is more valuable than just living on the expectations and norms of a society. Rather making valuable contribution for society and living on your own term is what makes one special and unique.”

Author, Angana Nandy – I am a student of psychology , my belief is that knowledge is learnt  to share  and writing is a beautiful platform to share and express my views and perspectives about the world.


  1. That was really scripted to perfection from the real life stories to our imperfections..that’s all we grow up with


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