Lambasingi- Paradise on Earth


Enveloped in charming  valleys and chilling temperatures , lush green deciduous forest area there lies a small village in the Eastern Ghats of South India named as Lambasingi, a true treasure for all the nature lovers of the world. Located at an altitude of 1000m above sea level, in the cChintapalli Mandal of Visakhapatnam district of an Indian state Andhra Pradesh , a place that holds a sprinkling of snow. South India is a dreamboat enriched with its culture and nature with spectacular coasts and Ghats. It is generally known for a tropical climate and offers a good deal of rains in monsoon. But snowfall is one of the aspects that is believed to be nonexistent here. Proving this to be wrong, there’s this village which is even titled to be the “Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh”. This place was once said to have supported wildlife including tigers and bird life which was a hotspot for many researches of ornithologists.

Lambasingi is eminent for its plantation covers of tea and coffee with rich diversity of flora and fauna. Across the year climate is pleasant and moderate with gentle wind and mist but arrival of the snowfall starts in winter when the temperatures goes as low as zero degree Celsius. This place sustains a small tribal community who live in nature’s bliss with no hustle and bustle of city shades following pepper and coffee farming. Apple cultivation is seen in shimla but the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh also give good environment for their growth. A single apple tree gives two crops/year and its maximum yield in the fifth year. Tribals here worship Adi Shakti believed to be their diety since ages.

The hilly terrain covered by lot of canopy and huge variety of trees , bushes and shrubs are hearth quenching to a thirsty soul. This village also puts out fascinating room to manoeuvre  for the adventure seekers. It is one of the best place for camping , hiking, tramping, etc. There are many eye catchy spots in the village which appear  to mesmerize us just like beautiful portrait. Those interesting places one would love to discover there are :

  • Amber coloured Garden
  • Bojjanakonda
  • Mini reservoir
  • Ghat road
  • Breathtaking waterfalls

Amber coloured Garden:

This garden is actually called as Susan garden which is filled with yellow coloured flowers  which keep dancing with the blowing cool wind as if to dance in the lap of the mother nature. One would be filled with an inward pleasant feeling  with the wonderful evening viewing the sunset as the sun rays fall on the fire flowers glowing .


This is a hill top which consists of the ancient Buddhist architecture of India. The calm serene picturesque of the establishments  amidst the rice fields gives the feeling of existing in the buddha’s time dated back in 4th and 5th centuries. It also consists of rock built caves, stepwells etc  which prove the masterpieces of the age old architecture and engineering.

Mini reservoir:

This is named as thajangi reservoir It is a splendid small reservoir which is about 5 kms from lambasingi which gives the view of pretty  countryside with a beautiful background filled with hills and sky blue water flowing gently which brings out the inbuilt poet in anyone who visits it. Camping at this place during the night under the star lit sky brings down the heaven on earth.

Breathtaking Waterfalls:

This spectacular waterfall is known as Kothapalli waterfalls that is located 25kms from lambasingi. The giant rocks over which the crystal clear water flows in its purest form flowing over them  is a feast to the eyes and heart which gives the feeling of entering a fairyland where everyone wish to visit atleast once in their lifetime .

On a pleasant night, the sky is filled with stars, cool breeze gushing through the midnight watching the fireflies flying in and out just like a blazing fire…Nor  the materialistic things neither do any of the star hotels   could give this blisfill sleep and  happiness that the cosmos offer. This would seem like a paradise to all the urban mass who are stressed out in the cities. One could definitely remember the visit to this place for a long time without fade.

One can reach lambasingi from Visakhapatnam through both the government and private buses that destines to the village. Though the temperatures fall too low during winters, climate there remains cool with around 10 degree Celsius throughout the year.

Tribals here reside in thatched houses made with bamboo sticks. Countrysides are always blessed with natural beauty with lush greens and fresh air. As rightly said “Real India lives in its villages”. With such outstanding beauty that lies in this place yet the tourism is not developed much. Hope this place gets the much deserved recognition in the  One should definitely visit it which would then become a sureshot place in everyone’s bucket list.

Author: VVL Renuka



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