Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary


As a human being we all want to get some break from work or job and spend some time with our family and friends. A tourist place can be a best idea which we people chooses to spend our holiday. This article is about Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary located in Angul district of Orissa. Orissa is the soul of incredible India. It is famous for its diverse culture as well as Art. Lord Jagganath temple in Puri, Orissa catches the eye of large number of pilgrims as well as people from different parts of world. Orissa is among those states whose history is of more than 5000 years. People can see number of places and forts as well as ancient temples here. Orissa is a place where you can relax on beaches and explore the beauty of nature as well as wildlife.

 One of the tourist spot near me is Tikarpada Wild Life sanctuary, Angul. Tikarpada is a small town in Angul district. Tikarpada consists of large number of species of flora and fauna .Slopes, waterways and thick green backwoods surrounds   this town. Many animals like leopard, four horned antelopes, tiger as well as breeding gharials are being found in this area. Every year countable number o foreigners visit here. One can enjoy the beauty of nature by visiting here. This sanctuary spread across 795.52 sq km. This place gives you immense pleasure to enjoy your day in the lap of nature. You can also enjoy fishing, trekking as well as can does river rafting across calm river  of Mahanadi. Tikarpada is one of the areas which are free from pollution as well as any kind of industries. This is a perfect tourist place to spend our time. The best season to visit this place is definitely is January, February, October, November and December. There is single road goes through dense forest to Tikarpada from Angul.

But still this place has not gained so much attraction that other wildlife sanctuary has. The uniqueness of Tikarpada wild life sanctuary is this place is known for its beauty as well as for gharials (crocodiles) People can see different sizes and ages of gharials here. Tikarpada also offers its tourists to see crocodiles, snakes and freshwater turtles. Indian pita, red wilderness fowl and pangolins are a portion of fauna species that one can see in this area.

Some of the area near in Tikarpada which catches eye of tourists is:

1) Labangi is situated close to Tikarpada and well known place for trekking.

2) Beinki Temple lies on bank of river Mahanadi. This temple is famous for goddess beinki.

3) Sishupathar is famous for beautiful landscapes and sceneries.

4) Badamul is picnic spot on edge of Mahanadi River. It is located 20 km way from tikarpda.

5) Satakosia wildlife Reserve consists of creatures like panther, tiger, elephant, and slot bear can be seen here. Also reptiles like freshwater turtle, crocodiles, and noxious and non toxics snakes are being found here.

HOW to be HERE??

The nearest airport is Bhubneswar airport which is around114 km away from Tikarpada. Since this spot is quite famous so you can get large number of taxis as well as buses to visit here.

This is best destination to spend your holiday with friends and family. Also you can find Resorts to stay here for some day and enjoy your day in Tikarpada. This is impeccable place for you to forget your tensions and frustrations and enjoy your life with nature.


Even though it is located in small town but   still   it is quite famous but not that much like other Wild life Sanctuary. Mostly this place is known by local people. I do think government will take steps to promote this area as nature is a best place to meet ourselves.

Nature will let us know that apart from our work there is lot more things which we can do to enjoy our life .In order to get relaxation from work people must visit this sanctuary to explore as well as enjoy the their life in beauty of nature .Tikarpada is best tourist spot .Once you visit here you will go with lot of memories which remain in your mind for a longer period of time. This sanctuary will give you lot of immense pleasure.

So, I do believe when you want to   visit a tourist spot do think to spend your quality time in Tikarpada Wildlife sanctuary Believe me you will never regret for this decision. Nothing is more beautiful than nature spend some time with beauty of nature.

Author: Saurbhi Sharma, Angul,Orissa


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