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Situated 166 kilometres away from the “Heart of India”, established in 1600 by the Mughal prince Murad, son of the Mughal king Shah Jahan, this city was formerly known as Chaupala. Moradabad the new name given to this city in honour of the Prince Mohammad  Murad Baksh has made its name all over the world.

Famously known as the “Brass City of India”, Moradabad the smart city of Western Uttar Pradesh is the hub of brass articrafts productionin India and is famous for its richness in variety of food.

It is the right place for exploring the brass articrafts industries, shopping, experiencing the richness of Mughal cuisine and having a “tadka” of street food on your tongues. Living the luxury of a five star hotel and having an adventurous day out at “Wonderland”. One can create amazing memories in this city.

Moradabad is my birth place and I have gone through extreme changes with it. Residing in the heart of Moradabad I have experienced all of its cultures and tradition and so now I’m here to share my wonderful experience with you all.

So pack your bags and get ready to travel to this amazing destination.

Moradabad is the well known city of India and therefore mediums of transport to reach this city are very feasible and easily available. Even there is huge variety of local transport in the city which is very feasible and convenient.

As soon as you will enter this city the grand five star “Hotel Regency” welcomes you to experience a luxurious stay in Moradabad. Nearby, one will also see various luxurious and beautiful hotels according to their budget in the city. Moving on further inside the city the famous brass industries opens its gateway and welcomes you to visit their place and see the skills of their brass artisans and the premium export quality of brass articrafts produced by them. One can buy and see these articrafts from the famous “Peetal Mandi” which is the main market in Moradabad.

And here comes the mouth watering delicacy of Moradabad. Its food is famous all over India. From “Alam’s Haleem Biryani” to “Gulshan-e-Karim’s Chicken”, food in this city tastes like none other.

Here, people begin there day with “Moradabadi Moongdal and Jalebi-Dahi” from Mandi-chowk, then grab a heavy breakfast at“Alam’s Haleem Biryani” and for lunch something light like “Deepali’s Chole Bature” or “Multani Chole Chawal” and then hot and crispy “Samosas and Kachori” for evening snack and a surprise package for dinner right from “Biryani, Seek Kebab to Chicken and Nihari”. It do noteven matter whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian there is a never ending list of menu for food lovers in Moradabad especially the street food of the city for which people stay awake at night.

After having a foody ride one can enjoy rafting, swimming, rides and a whole new level of fun at “Prem wonderland” and get a glimpse of royal library “Raza Library” on their way.

Moradabad is situated with various exploratory sites from all directions. One side you can visit its brass industries, shopping malls and wave city to its next side, amusement parks and various hotels and junk points for dinning to the other next sites and in the centre of Moradabad lie the famous “Jama Masjid” and a traditional food hub for food lovers.

Moradabad is not only famous for brass articrafts but is the largest producer of bangles in India. One can visit the huge market of bangles in the Town Hall of Moradabad which is known as “Chudi Wali Gali”. Further if you are interested in spices you can visit the oldest spice and medicine market “Makbarah” in Moradabad.

It is also famous for “Balaji’s Mandir, Sai Mandir, Jain Mandir, Jama Masjid, Churches and Gurudwara”. Moradabad is full of cultures and is rich in religion where people live in harmony and experience each other’s cultures.

Moradabad stands proudly surrounded by the banks of “Ram Ganga”, a religious and an adventurous site for people in the city. Every day is a new experience in this city. Your day will begin with the “Azan’s” and will end with the sounds of “Bhajan’s”.

And as a souvenir one can take small replicas of canons or “Gates of Khane-Kabba” with them. They are the most famous and favoured articrafts of the city.

It’s a city that is progressing towards the development and is working on preserving its culture, skills and heritage for the upcoming generations. Truly, one should experience this city and stay here for some days believe me it will not let you down. Moradabad will give you new experiences in food, articrafts, cultures and its people who are very helpful and sweet natured. Moradabad is the best place for experiencing a luxurious as well as a city lifestyle in India.

Author: Shameela Fatima Mirza


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