Mind Diversion


Every daywe encounter so many situations that affect us physically, mentally and socially where in some case we try to avoid them but somehow get trap in them. Sometimes it diverts us from our daily activities and sometimes it makes us realise how vulnerable we are.

In today’s topic we are going to discuss one of the most common psychological problemsfaced by us almost every day.

Have you ever come across a situation where physically you are present but psychologically you are somewhere else?

 Well if you have experienced it then you have been a victim of mind diversion. As a child, I was always curious why it doeshappen or am I the only one experiencing it. Questions like with whom I should talk about these things out really puts me in an uncomfortable situation.

 Nothing really helped!

Internet was the only source but I never had any clear answer, visiting for a counselling session in my case was unapproachable but then I followed some things suggested by lots of people and I could really feel the difference in me after practicing them. So, fingers crossed here we go with the compiled version of various suggestions to control mind diversion.

Mind diversion the word itself suggest distraction of mind be it thoughts, ideas, emotions or anything that creates an obstacle in your activity. For example when you are doing some work and suddenly past incidents pops up in your mind, when you read, study or do something really important you lose focus and get distracted which affects your present ability, public image, deadlines, and your attentiveness which really matter in our environment.

Now the question arises that where this mind diversion comes from?

Well it comes from both the external and internal factors. Be it a distraction from your friends, your mother calling you for dinner when you have the most important work to do, your social environment, mass media, everything thatsurrounds you. Well generally we have so many distractions from our day to day life and sometimes we cannot even resist them. But what affects us the most are our internal distractions that creates lack of confidence, concentration, positive body language in us and leads to the ultimate problem of stress, over thinking, and inculcate suspicious nature in us.

A person may have enormous reason to be distracted, either one may be uninterested in something, or he is forced to do some work, tired emotionally or physically or is just curious about something that’s distracting him to fulfilhis task.

Mind diversion is not a problem that can be cured permanently. It’s a problem that we all face somehow or the other. But what must we do to control its extent?

1. Meditate! Yes you heard it right folks. The more you practice the more it will help you to rejuvenate, replenish and relive your life and will add a dab of freshness in your life and will help you to build your concentration power.

2. Talk it out! Be it a person or a mirror or a wall or anything else. Just talk it out, the more you talk the more you’ll be able to get rid of the lava which is filled inside you.

3. Write! Give your thoughts the power of pen. Yes you heard it right. Write down whatever concerns you and you’ll realise at the end of the day you will not be able to remember what you wrote. Well that’s my personal experience too.

4. Take your time! Just leave everything and give sometime to the thoughts that distract you definitely you will feel better.

5. Stop! Yes Sir, just shout out loud the word “STOP” and you will be back on track. Just don’t do it in public place or you will become “a centre of attraction”. Don’t blame me later, I warned you guys already.

6. LOL! Yes people, just laugh out loud the more you’ll laugh the more positive you will and literally negative things will whoosh out.

Well I think these ways will help you till some extent but the one who will help you the most is you yourself!

So, until and unless you have not set your mind to solve this problem, tuck in your seatbelt no one can do anything for you. Cause your one step can motivate you and hundreds of others to live a better life. I did that for myself and you should do it for yourself for a better future ahead and fulfil all your desires that you want to achieve in life.

It’s not just that every time mind diversion is bad for us or is really a problem. Sometimes, it can really help you to move on from a bad memory or disturbing incidents. Sometimes as in my case it use to freshen up my mood when I suddenly remember a good joke out of nowhere or just remember the sweetest childhood memories of mine. These things just make my day.

Not only this, it also boost up the creativity level of our mind because when we think about something  for a long time our brains uses its every nerve to solve that problem. So, for some it’s not that bigger issue. So, don’t worry too much. 

Well then my lovely readers I just want to be your “Secret Santa” and want to accelerate your brain. Well, I’ll try my level best too!

1. Read, read and read! The more you will read the more it will broaden up your horizon. Reading will gear up your rusted brain.

2. Listen! Well it’s scientifically proven that you remember the most of the things when you hear them from others. So, just tuck your ear pieces and listen to the audios of interesting topics that concerns you.

3. Write down your thoughts! The more you will right the more you will be to express and will help to boost your vocabulary and your power of creativity.

4. Have a proper nutrition.

5. Exercise.
6. Be social.

7. Spend time with your loved ones and do things that you love.

I’m sure with your inner power and with these power boosters you can really see a new version of yourself in future. So, sit once on a backseat of your journey and take time to know yourself better and work on your lifestyle and keep exploring the new you.

Author: Shameela Fatima Mirza


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