A True Friend Is A Best Teacher – A Story

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Once upon a time, there were two friends named Rohan and Mohan. One day, they both were going somewhere. Suddenly,  they found a two thousand rupees note lying on the road. After seeing it,  Mohan said : ” I have a good idea! , why not we spend this money for buying something which is our favorite “. Then Rohan replied :”  No !  We should return this money to the police.” . Then they both started fighting . Suddenly,  Rohan shouted :” if today we won’t return this money to police,  then one day God will punish us for committing this mistake “. After hearing this,  Mohan became speechless. 

Then they both went to the police and handovered that money to the police. Next day,  Mohan’s mother took him somewhere. When he asked about where is she taking him,  she replied :” I have an important work somewhere,  so we both are going there.  They both went to the police station . Mohan’s mother asked from the policeman about the complaint she had made yesterday. The policeman gave that two thousand rupees note to  her and said that yesterday,  two boys came here to return this money as they found it lying on the road. 

When Mohan saw the police station and heard what the policeman had said,  he was able to recollect everything.  When the policeman saw Mohan , he said ” this is the boy who came with his friend to return the money yesterday “. Since the mother knew nothing , she was confused. Later on,  when they returned home,  Mohan explained everything to her mom. He said :” sorry mom , I didn’t shared this thing with you.

Yesterday we found this money lying on road . Then , we and Rohan decided to returned it to police so that the owner of this money can get it back from there “. Her mother hugged him and got little emotional as her son did what was right.  She appreciated him and Rohan for being honest rather than to misuse it as they were only aware that it was the money of someone else.

Deep inside,  Mohan realized his mistake and understood that no matter what the situation is,  he must be honest and loyal to it. Later,  when he met Rohan,  he narrated him the same story,  and thanked him for stopping him from doing something which was wrong.  It gave him a lesson of life. No matter how much good the lie may appear,  he must be honest and loyal to ourselves.



Author Bio :- Himanshu Balani ,13 years old boy from Jodhpur.  His story was selected in the outstanding category in #Monomousumi Quarterly Creative Writing Competition (OCT_DEC,2018).



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