List of Genuine Creative Writing Contest: Guidelines

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In today’s momentum, many such online competitions are organized all over the realm, from which our dreams can be fulfilled just by sitting at home.  Writing also did not lag in this race. Now people curious about writing can handily reach their articles to the readers simply by participating in some creative writing contests or essay writing contest. Such types of writing contests can easily unlock the door for us to become a prestigious writer.

Why Participation in the Creative Writing Contest is so salient?

There are so many juveniles who have a craving to become a foremost writer, who want to present their varied perspectives in front of the audience in the shape of writing. We all want to see ourselves in the grade of respectable writers. And the creative writing contests have made our job trouble-free and gripping.

Writing not only brings usinner bliss but also external prestige. Every talent becomes more striking when it’s admired by the people around us. And this can be feasible only when our skills reachthe people. We all need a platform to show our skills and to take that infrontof a wide audience. There are many people whose writing is extremely virtuous butdue to the lack of accurate direction, they make it futile.Especially in the present era, if we wantto get an employment in the field of writing, we should have a strong vita anda real work experience. And if we have some award-winning prizes it’s like icing on the cake for our writing career. So why not we participate in a creative writing contest and make our C.V. more influential.

Today, we have many such creative writing contests which give us a chance to become a proficient writer and which can give anexposure to our writing. Participation in the competitionsnot only gives impetus to the writing style but also strengthens the dignity to write.

So why waste time, just let’s get the acquaintance about such whoopee contests:-

Monomousumi creative writing contest:-Here participants can participate with their story, short- story, poems, scripts, essays and much more, which is organized by a ISO certified writing platform. A monthly essay writing competitionis also organised by this Platform every month, where participants are given thought provoking topics every month to write the essay.

The accentiwriting contest:-This is the contest where we can participate in short-story, fiction and non-fictioncompetitions.

Ps) This contest is open only for prose works.

The poetry prize:- Here we can participate in a poem contest, where the poem should be within 60 lines. Top 10 poems are also published in “The fish anthology”.

Writers of the future:- In this contest science fiction and fantasy are accepted. The work of the writers is also discovered by a wide audience.

The anisfield wolf book award:-Here the awards are given for the work of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Ps) Self-published work is not eligible.

Whenever we participate in any contest, we also have a cravingto win it.But among many, only one gets the first stance. Everyone works diligently to win the competition. But still, due to some unintentional deformities, some people are left behind in the race. This summit can be reached only after hard work and perseverance.  The field of writing is not as simple as it seems.  Its journey is a bit rocky and only after passing many ups and downs, a good writer can shine.So here are some directions that may help us to ameliorate our writing style:-

Write as much as you can

As we all know that nowadays all of us are quite involved with our everyday tasks. A student gives all his time to his study, an employer expends his time in his work. Everyone is busy, fulfilling their obligations. We can not give too much time to our skills. But if we are much passionate about something, we always find time to do that mission. Writing is a skill where we need to practice every single day. No matter where we are, and how busy we are, whatever we do we must take some time to fill those white pages of our diary. We need to make our diary and pen our best companions whom we keep close to us in every possibility. So even if we write for a few minutes but never skip writing.

Make reading your Hobby

“Before you become a writeryou must first become a reader.”This line is not unusualto us. We have heard a lot of times by everywriter, that every writer takes birth after becoming a reader.So we need to make reading our vocation, our way ofamusement, or source of information or whatever we can make, but we should always keep in touch with reading. It helps us to perceive the writing style of otherwriters, their vocabulary, and their understandingofthe world of writing.

Capture your surroundings

 One of the main difficultiesthat we face while writing is “what to write about?” this is a problem that almost every writer faces at one time or another. Sometimes it happens that our mind gets block and we can’t find any accurate idea to write. And then being frustrated we give up writing. But the truth is that the topics are hidden in our surroundings and we just need to recognise them. We can grab any person or thing around us in our attention and write on it, even our daily routine can also be kept in our diary. There are innumerable topics around us,just we should have the spirit to write.

Make your vocabulary impressive, not complicated

We have seen many writers who use very complex words tomake their writing unique. Sometimes readers also find it difficult to understand their writing. Then what is the intention of writing such an article which is beyond the knowledge of the readers?We should write in such a way that the writers find it elegant and easy to understand.

Have patience and keep working

Most of the people give up writing just because they want to accomplish a big milestone in no time, which is almost unthinkable. It takes time to comprehend any skill. The procedure of becoming an eminent writer from an ordinary man is an extremely long one. Like all other work, there are many obstacles to be faced in the field of writing, and we can not become a good writer unless we face all these problems with proper restraint.

Hence, by following the above tips, perhaps we may become the next creative writing contest winner and buck up our writing future. Isn’t it such a lenient and amusing way to give a flight to ourdream of becoming a writer?

Author’s Biography:-Priya Sharma, born and raised in Agra, (also known as ‘The Taj City’) curious about writing fiction and non-fiction. Apart from writing, she likes reading and travelling. Her only aim is to express her idea to a wide audience. Readers like her writing because of her fresh beliefs.


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