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Pear Deck is a presentation-making tool which students can actively engage in their learning and both teachers and students can interactively communicate. Teachers should send a code to students after making a presentation due to a code or a link is required to join the presentation. Students don’t have to create a Pear Deck account and having a Google or Microsoft account is sufficient for students to join the presentation. This educational platform is useful for students to learn socially and emotionally. Teachers, students, administrators, librarians, media experts and consultants use join PD. Therefore, this platform is useful to lots of professionals. Pear Deck has a mobile application to download. Presentation streaming, screen locking, team communication and countdown timer are the features of Pear Deck.

Creating a Pear Deck account

Connecting the device to the internet, visiting the Pear Deck official web page, clicking on “Sign up free”, clicking on “Authorize” to connect, following instructions, signing up using email address and password are key steps at creating an account. Permission should be granted if Pear Deck asks it. And also, school’s postcode is required at creating the account.

Generating a join Pear Deck code (Join PD code)

Host of the class create join Pear Deck code. Going to , entering presentation number are key steps at creating a Pear Deck code. This is a five-digit code which students are allowed to access a particular presentation in Pear Deck.

Joining a presentation in Pear Deck

Host of the class create a Join Pear Deck code and he upload the presentation on Then he sends the code to the students. Going to by using an internet-connected device, clicking on “Join a session”, entering Join PD code are key steps at joining the presentation in Pear Deck.

Creating a Pear Deck in Google Classroom

Visiting the dashboard on , clicking on the blue button at the top right corner of the screen and clicking on “Invite your class”are basic steps at creating a Pear Deck in Google Classroom. Students’ names are displayed on the screen after they joined the class.

Pear Deck is safe to use due to Pear Deck has the highest standards to protect students’ data and personally identifiable information. This platform makes online learning more interactive. And also, it can integrate with Google slides and Google Classroom.

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