How to start an essay agency and providing essay editing jobs

By: Daksh Choudhary

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An essay is as a art of writing in a paragraph in which we can express our feelings or thoughts in the form of a written paragraph . It shows our creative writing skill .

Many of us write essays just for our own passion and think that it is just for our free time activity or is to improve our writing skill .  But , there are many opportunities for writers to express their essay writing skill . One way is taking part in several essay writing competitions , which will be a perfect platform to show your talent . Or the another is to join an  essay agency which offers good packages for writers  .

Now , let’ know about essay agency .

It is an agency which deals with the work of just writing essays or any paragraph on the current or general topic . You must be thinking that how is this possible that a agency which just deals essay writing , without looking over its own profit . But , its true that nowadays there are several agencies which earn profits just by essay .  They give these essays to several newspapers companies like The Times of India , The New York Times etc .  or the magazine publishers . They also publish them on several books or novels .

By doing this publishing they  earn a huge profits by charging upon the essays , in this way Agency earns profit and gives salary to all the writers and the people working in the particular Agency . Agency also ask to prepare a feedback form of any company  so that the agency can give that form to that company which will recognize its improvement areas and its good areas .And in this way the agency make its profit .  So , therefore I conclude that there are opportunities for all talented writers also .

Now , I think that you understood that how does an essay agency works and earns its profits from distant places .

Now ,  let us  understand that how to start an essay agency and providing essay editing jobs to the writers . 

First tro fall for starting our own essay agency , we should have a big budget . It is for purchasing the office and makes it suitable for writers and make all the necessary setups for writing the essay and for staff . Then once opening the office , we should make its awareness and introduce for employment of the writers and other staff workers .  We should also sponsor some programs of literature or the other online platforms to raise its awareness . Then we should start organizing the online essay competitions weekly or monthly which had fabulous cash or exciting prices for different age groups , in search of youth or experienced writers . Then we should select some of them and we should propose the proposal for the to them to join the agency .

And if they agree we should take  an interview of them in which we should decide their post and their salary . We should also have a team with other workers  like : – for the convenience of writers and who can also go to publish essays to different places . At last we have to meet the head of the particular newspapers companies , the magazine publishers and the companies to maintain a good relation and start working with them .

For the publishment of the essays we should also have an agreement of treaty with the other party so that there is no dispute afterwards . Then we should have a topic selector which will distribute the topics among the writers . We should treat writers  with great respect and should take care of their needs . And the full team should work with their moral spirit and teamwork . As only one finger cannot make hand ,we require 5 fingers .

At last I would like to say ,” where there is a will , there is a way” means that if any writer wants to show its talent , then he/she has a good opportunity to join  the essay writing agency.

By: Daksh Choudhary

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